When a prescriber cuts meds or discharges a pt.. should they create a suicide note ?

Before COVID-19 came around our country had abt 50,000 suicides every year and ONE MILLION ATTEMPTS. It has been reported that those numbers have increased since Feb/March of 2020 and COVID-19 started dominating the news and the country started having requests for everyone to shelter in place.

There are rumors out there that suicides among chronic pain pts that their prescriber have discharged them from the practice, reduced/cut their meds are on the increase.  Seldom do we hear about a suicide note and or because the pt has – or had – prescriptions for opiates … the “first cause of death” is “opiate related death”

We know that single digit percents of deaths that are labeled as OD’s or opiate related deaths… their toxicology shows only a single opiate for when the pt had a legal prescription(s).

On this chart of the adverse effects on the human body by the under/untreated pain the last line, last three words (Increased) thoughts of suicide.

While the “thoughts of suicide” can be a off/on on going mental issue… BUT…. the actual act of suicide can be an IMPULSIVE ACT.  Probably not the best time to start composing a suicide note.  Perhaps the note should include if the pt dies prematurely from issues listed on the included chart because their meds are dramatically reduced or cut off.

Should pts who have been discharged – for nebulous reason(s) – or had the dose dramatically reduced or just stopped.  Compose a suicide note and instruct whoever handles their estate to seek charges being filed against whatever entity or party who was the driving force behind the pt exercising the “final solution” .  And state it as clearly as possible that their death WAS NOT A ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE.

Recently I shared this email in a post that I received Pt’s new Doc cuts long term Opiate/Benzo by 75% – cold turkey – hypertensive crisis and DEATH soon followed

That pt’s outcome from having those particular meds dramatically cut … was highly predictable.

Maybe the pt should put a copy of the above chart in a envelope along with the suicide note… seal the envelope(s) … mark the envelope as LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT… make several envelopes and store them in places where they will be found. Leave them with an attorney, accountant, bank safety storage box.  Unless the pt dies of a OD, a premature death or suspicious circumstances…  if the envelope is opened after your death… it becomes a non-issue.

Maybe it should be thought of like insurance… you don’t anticipate wrecking your car…but.. you buy car insurance… you don’t expect your house to burn down, but you buy house insurance… same thing with health insurance and life insurance.

Some healthcare entity or practitioner gets charged with assisting suicide or involuntary manslaughter, maybe they will have as much fear of cutting a pt’s meds as they are afraid of a pt ODing because they were prescribed controlled substances.


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  1. Government has taken over health care because it is profitable. Now they WILL prohibit and mandate all aspects of it as well as create the new ‘savior’ for all complaints, …”mental health”. Any doctors they put forward or put on ‘boards’ or employ for ‘research’ will do their bidding, …as they are paid by them. If any true medical science shows up, it will be purely by accident or beneficial for their new ‘medical protocols’.

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