Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: PDMP or the prescription drug monitoring program using phony numbers to deny more prescriptions

Tracking every signal pain pain in the US is now being used to deny patients medicines based on an artificial “overdose dose risk score” normed on Heroin addicts using secret algorithms – not appropriate for the regular painful disease patient but interfering with the doctor patient relationships just the same. This is wrong and probably illegal. The word witch hunt is no longer a metaphor . Its getting worse and worse but we will do something about it

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  1. I Agree And Am Writing My Last Letter To The One Senator I Haven’t Written To. I’m Deeply Disturbed By Her Postcards In My Mailbox : Working To Fight The ” PRESCRIPTION” Drug Crises ; Expanding Broadband (5G), Including Others. Never One Mention Of Physician and Untreated, Undertreated And Nonstandardized And Inauthentic “Medically Necessary” Medications Which Include: Sleep medications– (like the original Ambien, Anti Anxiety, ADHD, And Even Oxycodone). I Have Returned more Than I Can Count, Only To Be Told By The Pharmacy That I Can’t Bring Them Back There ; to go to the “anonymous” drop off box near the police station. The Fake Diazapm is a Total Placebo, As Well As All Of The Others. Not Only Am I More Disabled Than Ever, But The Monthly Destabilizing Condition And Their Horrific Side Effects Have Almost Killed Me. I Know For A Fact That They Are ALL Aware, (have been since the Obama Administration Where This Started) Politicians And Medicine Should Never Have Covertly Occurred ; I Haven’t A Clue How He Pulled This Off ; It’s A Secret, And ALL Of Our “Representatives Have Been Sold Out, (except Themselves), As They Wrote All Of Themselves Out From The Misery, Cruelty, And Unethical Poisoning Reserved For The Rest Of Us. No One Will Ever Give Me The Lethal Covid Vaccine. The CDC Can’t Even Come Up With A Reliable Lyme Test ; the ones they have-have Killed Children and was quietly disappeared from availability. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Are Being Sued by Africa And Somalia For Their “Malaria” Vaccine, As Countless Children Either Died Or Became Permanently Disabled. They Are Admitted Depopulationists. The Writing is on the wall.

  2. Thank you Dr, Kline I did learn from that presentation especially regarding the DEA What I dont understand is why the government is involved in Health Care.. I have no idea about medicine other than Im being denied medication I need…I remember hearing about the AMA all the time ..That was my extent of knowledge in medicine..So my question is why isnt the AMA standing behind these Drs being thrown in prison for practicing medicine? I dont remember hearing much from the AMA ever since this “coup” was started by the govt..Does the AMA still exist? I hope you continue the fight for the patients Dr,
    This to me is just another power grab by the govt to control everything today

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