I have been using that Walgreens, for the past 4 months, pharmacist would not fill my prescription, because my dose was doubled

Hello Steven

I was very impressed with the article that I just read .  I am having that problem with a Walgreens store located in Indialantic Florida 32903 Highway A1A and Paradise Boulevard. I have been using that Walgreens store where I have been filling my chronic pain medicine hydromorphone (4 mg) for the past 4 months and before that I was with them for years  The pharmacist would not fill my prescription based on the fact that it was increased from 4 mg to 8 mg 3 times a day 90 tablets.  I had to wait 4 days until I found another Pharmacy to fill my prescription and therefore was without my pain medication.  The reason other pharmacies did not want to fill it is because on record I am a patient using Walgreens pharmacy. and I should not be using different pharmacies.   I just went to the doctor and have the same prescription that’s why I  hope you might be able to help me. It is due to be filled on the 27th of this month.

I have already contacted the corporate office  and filed a complaint approximately 2 weeks ago I still have yet to hear back.  Any suggestion on how I am supposed to get my new prescription filled?  Unfortunately I cannot go back to the pharmacy Care Plus Pharmacy in Sebastian Florida.  This is where I finally got my script filled from last month. The reason being they called me about a week after they filled it and said they did not realize I was in Brevard County and their Pharmacy is located in Indian River County even though the pharmacy it’s about 20 miles from my house
I would highly appreciate your help in resolving this matter so I can have my medication that I so much need.  I am also disabled and have at least five other major illnesse.  For one a brain aneurysm so as you can probably imagine the stress of the situation is not good at all for my health
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email
  Here is my response to this pt:

Here is a revised Pharmacy practice act that went into effect Dec 2015 and basically Pharmacists are not suppose to start looking for a reason to refuse to fill a prescription   https://floridaspharmacy.gov/latest-news/validate-pain-medication-prescriptions/

In filling these prescriptions, the Board does not expect pharmacists to take any specific action beyond exercising sound professional judgment. Pharmacists should not fear disciplinary action from the Board or other regulatory or enforcement agencies for dispensing controlled substances for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice. Every patient’s situation is unique and prescriptions for controlled substances shall be reviewed with each patient’s unique situation in mind. Pharmacists shall attempt to work with the patient and the prescriber to assist in determining the validity of the prescription.

unfortunately, I’m not aware of any action the FL Board of Pharmacy (BOP) against any pharmacist that has denied care … as you have experienced  here is a link to file a complaint with the BOP  https://mqa-flhealthcomplaint.doh.state.fl.us/

The DEA has claimed that a pt traveling a long distance to get a controlled Rx filled is a RED FLAG.. . because that is what substance abusers/addicts/diverters do…  I heard one story years ago a chain pharmacist refused to fill a controlled Rx for a pt that lived in a different zip code that the pharmacy … but… the pt only lived about 1/2 mile from the store but there was a zip code boundary line between the pt’s home and the chain pharmacy.

My suggestion is to find yourself a independent pharmacy where you will be dealing with the pharmacist/owner  here is link to find one by zip code  https://ncpa.org/pharmacy-locator

go talk to the pharmacist/owner and talk about moving all your Rxs to them… talk to them about syncing up all your meds so that they are all filled on the same day each month.. everyone saves time and trouble.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting a response from Walgreen corporate… we have a serious and growing pharmacist surplus and if they were unhappy with how a pharmacist was treating their pts.. they would get rid of them… just yesterday I posted a article on how the surplus is so bad that for every 3  new pharmacists grads… ONE may be able to find a job — and do not count on it being FULL TIME.  IMO,  Walgreen’s lack of response SPEAKS VOLUMES about how much they care about chronic pain pts getting their medically necessary medications and/or being thrown into cold turkey withdrawal.

Finding a independent pharmacy may be the quickest route to help you deal with your health issues.  every other entity that you can complain to will drag their feet and you will be lucky to hear from them within 12 months.

One final point is that one of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy – that Walgreen pharmacist basically changed your therapy – refused to follow physician owners… you might find some relief by filing a complaint with the FL medical licensing board… for the Pharmacist practicing medicine without a license.

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