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  1. Another patient abuse by a Stanford Doctor. Sigh. Lembke! The use of opioids for sustained or even short term horrible pain, no matter how bad you want to use that viewpoint for books is NOT opioid abuse. Get the respect you want by looking into this without your kolodny-colored glasses on. Do you think it is humaine to suffer so bad you can hardly get out of bed? That a trip for groceries puts you to bed for 2 days?

  2. Whats there to say other than its another shrink to lazy to go to school for treating pain…Guess she talked to KOLONDNY an asked “whats easiest way to get DR degree without having to put in the hard work?” Guess I missed it in there bios..I no that was the turd KOLONDNY reason for becoming a shrink Now there “pain experts!”

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