Fewer people dying during the COVID-19 pandemic than two previous years ?

In the USA – on average 7500 people die EVERY DAY… according to this. According to this, total USA deaths for 2020 is projected to be the LOWEST IN THREE YEARS and this number must include the reported 200,000+ COVID-19 deaths.

Makes one wonder before the pandemic… reportedly we had a death crisis of opiate OD’s and vaping deaths.


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  1. Isn’t it ODD the Government calls everything an epidemic these days when it’s Really not? They are Fearmongering to Gain control of the people.

  2. Steve, thanks for doing the hard work!

  3. September 24 was just a couple weeks ago. Does it not take much longer than that for all the statistics to be submitted and tallied up?

  4. Steve forgive me if i asked you this before..Do you have access to any data on the “true” deaths from Covid 19? I have seen in a few articles that the real number is between 9- 10 thousand. According to reports if states,hospitals etc put down COVID 19 as cause of death they receive “bonuses” Which is why I have read where fatal auto accidents, heart attacks,old age are being counted as Covid 19 deaths. If the 9-10,000 is accurate Covid deaths, that is well below number of deaths caused by the flu every year…I understand one death is one to many, it really gets on my last nerve on why EVERYTHING to do with this virus is nothing but “political” Would love to hear your opinion on this if your willing

    Thank You


    • I believe that we are seeing the same/similar “body count” that we see with opiate OD’s… Apparently the White House is cracking down and mandating that there is a positive test for COVID-19 to put it down as a Dx… apparently the hospitals got a 20% “bonus reimbursement” when they had a pt Dxed with COVID-19. Since Hospitals early on loosing all their voluntary procedures – their “cash cow “

  5. To me it is clear that for the price of a lie elements in Gov have discovered how, by inserting themselves into health care, these lies can quickly make them rich. We never had, or noticed, this ‘epidemic’ of ‘tactical lying’ in health care on a national scale before.

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