CVS: The pharmacy was 1,200 scripts behind and eight days behind in prescription refills

CVS Apologizes For Prescription Delays At Cape Stores

FALMOUTH, MA — Cape Cod residents reported there have been delays refilling prescriptions at CVS Pharmacy locations in East Falmouth and Mashpee.

According to the Cape Cod Times, several residents complained that both pharmacies were behind on filling new prescriptions and refilling existing ones. Mashpee resident Lorri Landers told the Times a pharmacist told her the pharmacy was 1,200 scripts behind and eight days behind in prescription refills. She also accused the Mashpee CVS of violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, alleging the pharmacists called out her prescriptions by name in front of eight people.

Matt Blanchette, a CVS spokesperson, apologized for the delays and said they were isolated to those two Cape Cod pharmacies. Blancette also said privacy with patient information is part of the company’s policies, so any potential HIPAA violation will be investigated.

“We had experienced prior temporary delays at these locations but have added additional resources and are accepting new prescription(s) in both locations,” Blanchette told the Cape Cod Times. “We plan to avoid any future disruption, and apologize for any delay.”


Silver Scripts Part D is going to drop independent pharmacies from their preferred network beginning with next year’s program.

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  1. […] CVS: The pharmacy was 1,200 scripts behind and eight days behind in prescription refills […]

  2. CVS Flat Out SUX. My son has a chronic disease condition and has been using CVS mail order for several years but it has Gotten SO BAD. The meds he’s supposed to take together are now 2 weeks apart and Honestly, he’s had to wait up to MANY Times up to 9 days for his pain meds to be filled. That’s 9 DAYS past the 30th Day! He’s on Straight Medicare & extra help for Rxs. He’s not using any of those advantage plans. I have a huge question that’s probably near impossible but does anyone know of a BETTER Prescription plan than Silver Scripts with CVS Caremark? I have to help him find a better way to get his medically necessary medications now that Open enrollment is here. And BTW his meds has to come from mail order because NO pharmacies will fill his pain Rxs. Local pharmacies say they don’t have, doesn’t come in, etc . Just need to get away from CVS but I realize they’re monopolizing the market so there’s not many if Any other choice. I’m sick of this Shit. I’m sure everyone else is too.

    • Here is the plan D comparison this year we moved from Silver Scripts to Humana and even though all plans now have a sizeable deductible – humana is $435… our total out of pocket – including deductible – is about HALF of last year with Silver Script… and there was no deductible last year. Have you tried a independent pharmacy here is a link to find one by zipcode… I have heard that some of the PBM’s reimbursement rates are so low on some opiates that they pharmacy would lose $50 -$75 filling a Rx… so many just say they won’t stock the med. Humana has its own PBM – so you will also be getting away from Caremark – that CVS Health also owns and they own Silver Scripts as well.

  3. Can Silver Script tell you that you cannot use a private pharmacy? Or are they just dropping private pharmacies from their preferred list?

    • we were on Silver Scripts until this year… and we use a independent pharmacy… and we paid higher copays at the independent… we switched this year to Humana and while all part D’s have a deductible this year … Humana is $435 and using the same independent and paying that deductible…our total out of pocket this year – including the deductible – is ABOUT HALF of what Silver Scripts charged the year before – without any deductible … According to Silver Scripts website… we could have paid LOWER COPAYS if we had our Rxs filled at a CVS store.. in our county of about 85,000 there was two CVS stores… one free standing and one in a Target and they are about 0.5 miles apart and on the busiest road in the county and would have been a 8-10 miles drive each way… Humana’s monthly premiums was abt $2/month more than Silver Scripts and the independent pharmacy is about ONE MILE from my house and will deliver to us same day… if we can’t get out

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