Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15

Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15

I have previously stated that when President Trump stated that he was going to get medication costs down… that the insurance/PBM industry makes their money by basically extorting the pharmas to pay a discount/rebate/kickback to them… if they want their medications on their formulary and won’t require a prior authorization.  It has been stated that those discount/rebate/kickback can range up to 75% of the AWP (Average Wholesale Price).

If the pharmas are forced to reduce their prices… this is going to have a greater impact on the insurance/PBM industry and pts…  because the pharmas are going to refuse to kickback to the insurance/PBM  and for profit businesses being what they are … they are going to try and gain those lost profit dollars from somewhere else… and who is going to be the first place that they go looking ???…. PATIENTS…

The above hyperlink is the 2021 comparison for Medicare Part D and other supplemental Medicare prgms.

I would recommend that everyone who has one of these programs … to use this comparison program…  because what you have this year… may have little resemblance with what is being offered next year.

The Part D provider that we are using this year … HUMANA –  has multiple Part D programs… the plan we have used this year… next year a couple of the meds we take… ARE NO LONGER A COVERED MED… unless you opt for their “PREMIUM” plan – at over TWICE THE MONTHLY PREMIUMS.

Of course, in 2020… most all  Part D prgms implemented sizeable deductibles …many in the $400 range… some programs will have a days supply limits, some prgms will have prior authorization on certain meds and other prgms will not have a PA required.

One thing that I found interesting is the price quoted during the deductible period was the same as after the DEDUCTIBLE HAS BEEN MET… which basically means that after paying the deductible there is no further reduced prices … as have been in past years…

Things are going to get more confusing and complicated…. when I went into this program ..  I was given 30 different part D prgm options.  This could be just the start of the confusions and complications and the Feds push for more and more lowering of medication prices

Open enrollment starts Oct 15, 2020 and ends Dec 7, 2020… if you don’t check out what the current program you are on and you do nothing… as of Dec 8 2020 .. you will be on the same program in 2021 that you are on this year… and stuck with it for another year

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