Reported nearly 200,000 have died from COVID-19

On average we have 7500 people  DIED EVERY DAY… so at 6 months since “they” have start counting  COVID-19 deaths abt the first of March… in a six month period…  we will have 1,365,000 deaths from ALL CAUSES.

Does anyone – except me – believe that they should be reporting the total number of deaths – FROM ALL CAUSES..

What if it was reported that all deaths in this period were about the same as the average year… wouldn’t that suggest that the COVID-19 has really not been that lethal ?  But they don’t report those numbers.

Of course, in a typical 6 month period abt 250,000 people will die from the use/abuse of tobacco/Nicotine…. no daily death count kept on those numbers.

It has been reported that as high as 220,000 deaths in a 6 month period from MEDICAL ERRORS.



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  1. I for one am sick and tired of all this covid business. I’m an elderly chronic pain patient with multiple health conditions. I’m not worried and hate to see the whole country in lockdown over the virus. I can keep myself safe. The economy, health, and sanity of the country are in jeopardy. We need the lockdown to end, it will take years to get back to normal. Children are suffering, as are parents who have lost their jobs. It will be interesting to see what happens after the election. Here in Michigan, we are still in lockdown mode. We have been given 2 weeks after the election for our mail in ballots to be counted. Our freedoms are being taken away, not only here but in Britain and Australia. Once the left takes them away, they will never give them back and we went along like sheep. Never were any discussions or different points of view on this virus allowed, differing or questioning opinions were shut right down and banned. I’m tired of this BS. Also, I won’t be taking the vaccine!!

  2. At this point I don’t believe in any of this, not anymore. Imo, All MSM, & ads on social media too are a Political Propaganda Machine. To many lies & false reporting after 2016 election that I threw all my TV’s into the Garbage can and I cut all cable off. Seriously, And wow, has life been a lot more peaceful.

  3. I dont recall where I seen it ,but there was a report that only 9-10 thousand had actually died from Covid 19 Like you say why is this lumped with every death? From what i gathered states got a certain amount of money if cause of death was listed as COVID 19! WTF? Is everything a game within the government? If its true only 9 -10 thousand died from virus ,that is well below the average of deaths caused by the flu every season .Isnt that 60-70 thousand every year?. So I come away with this. This virus was turned into a political football .One death is one to many but think of all the lifes impacted by the shutting down of country ,the mental health ,financial pain, kids being forced to learn on a computer n on n on. The older I get the more I wonder how the hell we function as a civilization .Not only is the thought scary its also very depressing

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