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  1. These SJWs could not care about this less. Singers could not care less about a ‘black national anthem’… It’s the publicity that is worth something – to most of these, agents, managers, TV stations, ‘the news’, etc., because those many who do not think for themselves anymore are so easy to move this way and that way, paying along the way for it.

  2. This is the most despicable act of a group of “protestors” I have ever read about. Repeating such a foul, inhumane “chant” …..in public while the family of the VICTIM struggles for life is no less than a TERRORIST act even though “protected” by freedom of speech.
    It is time for this President or any president to define and declare the looters, thieves, arsonists and killers of these “protestor” groups as homeland terrorists and stop this BS. May God Bless the family of the victim. Blue Lives not only “matter”, they are necessary! I have been finished with football, basketball motor sports or ANY other sport that caves to destruction and lawlessness.

    • Unfortunately the President has already declared them terrorists. But the states have control now & these idiot governors & mayors have not only defended them but even participated with them & had them repeatedly released from jail as soon as any have been arrested. Since the media has been clearly lying to the public & making this political, the President has already been called a dictator when trying to help at all. And now the media has contributed to the obscene violence, murder, destruction, looting, etc., by fraudulently depicting such atrocities as “peaceful protests” and even blaming any actual admittance of violence on Trump supporters!

      This is far more than NFL wearing the names of rapists & hardened criminals on their helmets. While BLM never had anything to do with black lives or George Floyd, the coroner found Floyd’s death due to illicit fentanyl abuse/overdose which is why he kept saying he had trouble breathing & was acting erratically, while also refusing to get into the cop car prior to even being constrained.

      Meanwhile innocent children & others have been flat out murdered while doing nothing other than riding a tricycle, walking down the street, or sitting in their vehicle. Does the main stream media ever cover any of these without providing false info about the adult victims’ identity, etc?

      People need to wake up & not only boycott the NFL & other professional sports & famous actors/singers/etc who push this false evil narrative, but TURN OFF THEIR TV. Actually the TV was created as a mind-control device (Patents show this), & the corrupt CIA has been controlling them since JFK at least.

      Yes, it does appear the President will have to step in to save the country from these clearly organized, paid, controlled terrorists, who are clearly provided assault weapons, protective gear, transportation, hotels, & seemingly illegal drugs to do whatever they please while corrupt gov’t officials & media protect them & repeatedly bail them out of jail to freely terrorize & kill innocent citizens.

      The media & even local FBI have continued to vehemently deny the mass fires killing so many have been purposefully started by these terrorists, insisting it’s “conspiracy theory”… even though there has been plenty of proof & arrests of many for deliberately setting these fires with fireworks even.

      There is tons of evidence/proof showing what has truly been going on. But the media has been complicent by only showing small cherry picked portions of videos & adding their controlled narratives. The TRUTHs posted on social media are taken down, & the people who are trying to show what’s really going on are now even blamed for the violence! One man executed for simply wearing a Trump hat was even purposefully falsely identified as some “far right extremist”, while providing the wrong name!

      What’s happening now has been exactly how Nazi Germany genocide began & communism took over. These terrorists are not only repeating the “defund the police” rhetoric & demands, freely infiltrating from within while people are mislead to their doom, but those citizens wanting freedom, peace, cooperation, & safety are actually being falsely represented as the dangerous enemies of America!

      It’s pretty sad (& disgusting) when media misrepresents facts & social media shuts down any truth & life-saving info while discrediting these brave, loving people. All the while they are trying to make pedophilia legal & accepted while also allowing the trafficking of children to be done openly on their platforms. Anything taken down as “dangerous” info is only dangerous to their evil agenda. But it’s not dangerous, illegal, & outright horrific to allow open trafficking, abuse, torture, & murder on these platforms?

      The President wants nothing more than to protect the citizens, restore safe communities, bring these terrorists to justice, & restore Constitutional rights of speech & the ability to choose if one has to wear a mask everywhere for something that has been found no worse than the flu (resulting in getting more ill or dead from the masks & forced lock downs, based on proven fraudulent data & “state of energency” so governors could be power-hungry tyrants).

      But people have had to WAKE UP to what has really been going on, as well as who has been allowing it, controlling it & even feeding it. People who were once “respected: stars, professional sports players, etc, who have even committed crimes & freely done illegal drugs themselves, have been promoting the orchestrated lies while expecting people to support them for hating America & sponsoring criminals rather than innocent children executed.

      Meanwhile, despite the acceptance of these famous people openly known to have been doing illegal drugs (& even raping, committing violence, etc), severe intractable pain patients have been denied medically necessary proven safe & effective pain medicine in another form of American Genocide. The CIA/DEA/etc found to have assisted drug cartels, dealt & used these illegal drugs themselves, & stole innocent dr’s assets while lying & having them wrongfull imprisoned. Meanwhile, the same CCP/”dem” mayors & governors have been freeing hardened criminals from prison to rape & kill again.

      But if President Trump just goes over those mayors/governors & sends in any assistance, the fraudulent msm, social media, etc, will continue their brainwashing of those still asleep (unaware) & will likely incite a civil war. This has been part of their agenda, including turning all their supporters into CCP slaves.

      I pray those supporters begin to question the absurdities, use their minds to do some research for themselves & WAKE UP before it is too late (if not already).

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