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  1. Well, again I guess it depends on what news source and what party you align with today. Fact is mayors and governors have been releasing prisoners, doing away with bond and DAs not prosecuting arrestees. The violence is allowed to continue in areas that are democratically held. Trump can only send in resources when asked to do so by the governors or mayors. We live in a republic with state’s rights. There is marxist element to these riots and anyone who thinks there isn’t is naive. There are people who do feel these rioters are working for parts of the government. People need to take a good look at the democratic parties agenda which will greatly transform this country if it is allowed to be implemented. The covid extreme lockdowns in certain states and the riots have a common denominator, and it isn’t the republicans or Trump.

    • Metropolitan areas share a common denominator: 20 of our country’s 25 most populous cities are run by Democratic mayors– a longstanding, non-riot-related, non-COVID-related correlation that *tends* to exist wherever many diverse people and points of view live densely together. Happily, folks all across the country in towns great and small came out this summer to protest against racial intolerance and discriminatory policing.

      Nothing I’ve seen or read has led me to believe there’s a concerted effort by anyone influential in this country to replace our multi-trillion-dollar capitalistic free market with the 19th century economic ideas of Karl Marx (and how would that even happen). Even if a handful of ideologues thought it was a brilliant idea, so what? You can always find supporters, followers, investors, adherents, you-name-its, for any crazy idea in this country.

      America is divided 50/50, and that divide is reflected in our Congress. So long as that’s the case, there will be no grand “transformative party agendas” (eg Medicare For All, Green New Deal, etc). To pass, such bills would have to be acceptable to committees on both sides, then a majority of the full House and Senate– then face legal challenges if they weren’t ultimately palatable to the public (as the ACA has faced over the decade since it was passed… and subsequently stripped for parts).

      In any event, today’s calls for re-allocating police department resources more efficiently and humanely bear no resemblance to the Nazi war criminal above who sought to eliminate the police, thereby clearing the way for further brutality.

      For an example of what “defund the police” means in 2020, see here:

      “New mental health response team formed in Denver that sends a paramedic plus a mental health expert to 911 calls instead of police. To date, the van has taken more than 350 calls without once having to call in police backup.” https://www.denverpost.com/2020/09/06/denver-star-program-mental-health-police/

  2. In fairness, today’s calls to “defund the police” here in the United States don’t mean ANYTHING close to the above statement. As slogans go, it’s awful for the simple reason that it allows easy caricature such as the above.

    Second, the post doesn’t translate to today’s situation since the incumbent president is making the argument that rioting is a deliberate act to hurt his chances at re-election (hence his “law and order” campaigning, to demonstrate how a strict and orderly Trump America would differ from a lawless and burning Biden America).

    In the post above, the rioters, burners and assaulters were not protesters AGAINST the gov’t– they were Hitler’s violent, anti-semitic paramilitary wing.

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