Mail order “waste” one med close to $4800 that the pt stopped using

Want to see what insurance fraud looks like? One of my hospice patients just passed away this morning and I asked if there was anything we could do to help. I mentioned taking back any meds because we are a drug take back facility registered with the DEA. Keeping meds around the house when someone dies is not only a sad reminder of the loved one but also dangerous because they can end up in the wrong hands. The daughter pulls out boxes of meds they got over the years from the VA via mail order. This is one of the meds he no longer used but the VA kept sending it anyways. Each of these inhalers would cost an uninsured customer over $400 and the VA sent this guy 12 of them to be trashed. What a waste of money. This is why your co-pays and premiums are so high. The insurance company probably had a special kickback deal with Astrazeneca who makes this inhaler and that’s why they kept filling it and mailing it when the customer asked them to stop. This is absolutely ridiculous but your government allows it. PBMs are the biggest waste of money this country has ever seen but they line the pockets of Republicans and Democrats equally and no one bats an eye. PBMs are today’s mafia. We don’t need gangsters and drug lords… We have Express Scripts, Optum and CVS Caremark

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