Facebook can ban this ad on FB… but I own this web domain !


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  1. Thank you for posting this. Regardless of political leanings, this a beautiful tribute to America and its greatness. People need to be a little more tolerant of other people’s ideas. How else can one ever have a discussion. I, also appreciate that the president is trying to get medicine prices lowered.

  2. Sorry to see you using your established web domain to play politics. Here I thought you had created this web domain for the purpose of being an advocate for those of us in the Chronic Pain Community (CPC). Your use of the web site for political ads does nothing more than polarized (even further) the problems with in-fighting among various sections of the CPC. Something you have pointed out (and complained about) numerous times indicating that it needs to end.

    You also appear to be “starting down the road” of supporting conspiracy theories. The video you published about Doctor Stella Immanuel is one example of this. It is easy become more paranoid as we grow older. I know that myself as I am at an advanced age. However, it is detrimental to oneself, and to those around us, to start looking for non-existent “boogie men” behind every door and under every bed. It is also detrimental to the CPC to publish such nonsense on one’s web site.

    I would assume that from your title regarding this video here on your web site (“Facebook can ban this ad on FB… but I own this web domain!”) that, if Facebook allowed it, we (your CPC followers) would have also seen this video on your Facebook site, “The Community for Subjective Diseases”.

    All of this campaigning for an individual who has done nothing to help the CPC? In fact, he has done (if nothing else through his in-actions) everything possible to prevent us from getting our FDA approved proper amount(s) of prescribed pain medication. An individual who has stated publicly that “you go into the hospital with a broken arm, they give you pain pills for 3 days, and you come out an addict”. That’s as ridiculous as the recent news interview where trump commented on the 1000 person a day Covid death rate as, “It is what it is!”, or his rant about if Biden is elected, he will “hurt the bible and hurt God”.

    Again, sorry to see you doing the political ad thing, but enjoy your new found (or previously established?) political “MAGA” mantra. I don’t think that I will stick around to see how that works out for you. I have little/no use for someone trying to convert the CPC to one political party or another, while claiming to be solely advocating for the rights of the CPC to quality patient centered care. As a kid, I was told, it takes a lifetime to establish a good reputation, but only a moment to destroy it. Be careful that that moment doesn’t happen to you.

    • Fb “slapped my wrist” for posting this graphic for using it as an example of what the DEA has done for nearly 5 decades and I had semi-regularly used this graphic for 5 years but it has been reported that those “snowflakes” on the west coast that are claiming they have hired a independent group to enforce their community standards but according to this https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/eighteen-of-20-board-members-tasked-with-oversight-of-facebook-fact-checking-have-ties-to-george-soros-or-his-organization-report the group has connections with George Soros… You seem to forget that it was during the previous administration that the decade of pain law when it expired was not renewed and that the CDC opiate doing guidelines were established under that same administration… and was during that same time that the DEA cut opiate production quotas by abt 50%.. The DEA is just continuing on path that they started around 2009 -2010… who was president then ? It was just announced on TV tonight that Russia wants Trump back in China wants Biden in office… I am just trying to create some balance between what some of the things that FB, youtube, google and other mega digital corporations are trying to use their access to what is being seen on the web – I think that is normally referred to as censorship. To me, it is similar – or worse- to what the Russians were accused of in the last election… and they are not even trying to be covert about their actions. Nancy & Chuckie are playing games with the financial well being of our portion of our population for not reaching a compromise on additional funding for people and leaving for their “August vacation”… If you personally think that is being a good steward of watching out for the citizens of our country when they are financially in trouble… then I won’t miss you visiting my blog. Over the nine years of my blog I have mostly encountered a bunch of whining, bitching and moaning … everyone wants change but damn few want to be part of making that change happen… so the community has made no progress… and a lot of advocates have just thrown up their hands and walked away. and any progress that some have claimed to have caused to happen has proven to be not much more than just a mirage.

      • Wow Mr.Areins,,wow,,well at least you let us know exactly what you think of those of us not fortunate enough to have a body that functions perfectly.Those of us who have medical conditions that cause us forced physical pain due to thee illegal act of government interference into the field of medicine..Soo while were at it,I do not agree w/u,that we are a bunch of whining,bitiching,moaning MEDICALLY ill humanbeing,,and I am sure those who want us dead,,love that analogy..For as you know,I and others have tried 4 different human rights organization,,,not 1nce but several times,,but only because I do have medicine,does that medicine allow me thee energy to advocate w/Human Rights Watch,UNHRC,Inter-American and ACLU’S,,and finally the AMA,,,,,If I too were taken off of my meds,,my energy level would be 0,,,,I too would have no energy to fight,,,Also lets not forget,,,as u stated long ago,,,this is about Agenda,,,not truth…Thus we have been blocked,censored,,not heard willfully at ever venue when we try to commence change,or getting it allll back..There is sooo much corruption where Pain Management is concerned,,I feel the corruption is the problem,,,not a lack of trying..I believe the censorship is the problem,,not that we are not sceaming loud enough.I believe That KOLODNY and crew,,have the $$$$ AND THEY HAVE USED IT TO BUY OFF POLITICIAN AND ,”GROUPS,” LIKE Their RECENT CDC OPIATE COMMITTEE TO GET ALL OF US forcible INTO SHRINKS OFFICES to give them our monies instead of simply giving us our medicines back,,because our medicines worked…They don’t want ,”it to work,” for if we had our meds back,,,what need do we have to see a shrink..I believe this whole addiction manufacturuing business was all about psychaitry making monies again,this time off of a fake addiction lie for addiction psychiatrists like kolodny,,have made 40 billion in profits in 10 years according to Forbes.,,No Steve,,I am not going to blame the medically ill, the sick and the dieing for what has happen to all of us,,I blame the kolodnys’ of the world,,who buy off politician,who corrupts the system,who censor truth everywhere,,put out lieful data,soo they themselves can make billions.I blame the control freaks,who think they have the right to decide how much we should forcible suffer via denial of our medicines at effective dosages.
        .I can tell you 25 years of deductable,house fire and inability to work takes its toll financial,,we have no monie to fight this,,and in a capitalistic healthcare system,,no money means torture and death,,Blamming the sick,,jmo,,is no better then blamming a women who gets rapped ,,or a innocent child for getting abused..When the system is rigged,and its only about AGENDA truth doesn’t matter,,Laws don’t matter to those who have the $$$ to pay-off dea,judges..Does this mean I don’t fight,,of course not,,but i have my meds,,soo I have,,the energy to fight,,,jmo,,As
        my decease brother once said,,”They will never understand,,until they themselves have to go thru it,”,Also as long as addiction remains part of Painmanagement,we will never get our medicines back,,Also timming is everything,,until we get this whole addiction crap truth revealed,that it is a lie from liars who are ,only concerned about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        from addiction as their true motive.Only exposing these truth, will we then START MAKING PROGRESS,,,when we get a seat at the table, ,,,jmo,,,maryw

  3. Of course Dont you no FB is Neutral in political views? I no of no younger generation using FB Hopefully they will go the way of the Democratic party!!!

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