How many deaths has COVID-19 really caused ?

We understand that hospitals have been given a financial incentive to label just about anyone coming thru the door with a ICD11 coding of having COVID-19 and a second financial incentive to put pts on vents.

I have heard stories of a kid dying at home from a accident and his death being classified as a COVID-19 and a second of a person dying from a motorcycle accident and his death being classified as a COVID-19 death.

In our country there are typically abt 7500 people die EVERYDAY FROM SOMETHING.  Using numerical averages that comes to about 23.5 deaths/one million population.

Our local TV stations come out of Louisville, KY so they report the news for both Indiana & Kentucky and twice a day  6PM & 11PM news they report the number of positive COVID-19 tests and the number of deaths.

Indiana’s population is 6.7 million and Kentucky’s population is 4.5 million.  So on any given day Indiana should expect 157 deaths and Ky should expect 106 deaths from any/all causes.

These TV channels report the number of total positive test results, deaths to date and deaths for the particular day..

They present graphs of 7 days averages and they speculate if a slight upturn or downturn represents “a trend” or not..

Recently both states have been reporting single digit deaths from COVID-19. Remember we don’t know if they people died from some complication of their comorbidity issues when they got infected with COVID-19 or COVID-19 itself caused them to die.

Lets take a daily death rate of 6… that would mean that abt 4% of the deaths in Indiana was COVID-19 related and Kentucky would mean about 5%.

Recently Gov DeWine of Ohio got bumped with meeting with President Trump because he tested positive for COVID-19 but the next day he tested negative  was that a false positive or false negative test ?

We also have the problem that each state has different forms used by their coroner and there are a couple of southern states that their requirement to be coroner is HS/GED and not a convicted felon..  So the CDC is getting this non-consistent reporting system from coroners with a great inconsistency of their knowledge base in the medical sciences.

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  1. What is the purpose of given Hospitals and or states “BONUSES” if death is written as COVID 19 cause? I swear I feel like im a kid again on the playground making rules for our games This is beyond insane!!

    • I suspect that it has to do with the expectation to require more manhours to care for these pts… much like palliative care pts require more man hours and like they require more man hours when they go on a vent. Hospital and the entire healthcare system is nothing more than a FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY.

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