Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: 8-8-20 News of the Day

there are no studies outside of death certicicate data that show benzos are a problem. No reputable study uses death certificates as they have a 50% error rate. The rare CDC sponsored studies showing benzos of being a problem world the certificate study is basically invalid. Purely opiate overdose deaths whether it be in attics or in patients are extremely rare. They have to be combined with other drugs usually four or five. It is difficult to tease out which is which. I have not seen any studies of increased death rates with just benzos and opiates except for the invalid dispute a study out of unc using death certificates. Even then the author said probably the higher death rate associated with benzo’s and opiates was due to people being sicker. Yes Virginia sicker people die more frequently. A fairly large CDC ground followed the production of the study I have heard from the author. this study also showed death from opiates with or without other medications as extremely rare in medical patients It may be more common in the CDC subjects who 95% died in the streets and suffered from heroin addiction disease, Affect CDC has never admitted. It’s time for the CDC guidelines to be suspended we’ve had enough

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