Are we going thru a organized… coordinated period of chaos ?

Pres Trump is talking about Prescription Benefit Managers and the health insurance industry

This is a graphic that shows who gets the lion’s share of each and every dollar the pt hands over when they get a prescription filled.  Nearly HALF of the dollars goes to the MIDDLEMEN..

This year we switched our Part D prgm from Silver Scripts – owned by CVS Health and PBM Caremark – owned by CVS to Humana and this year we have a $435 deductible for each of us  – which we did not have last year – our out of pocket costs for medications is about HALF of what we paid last year and our premiums are about $2/month more.  What medications we are talking have not changed.

The Attorney General of NY has filed a law suit against the National Rife Association (NRA) over some alleged mis-management of funds and she wants to DISSOLVE this 150 y/o non profit over these allegations… Of course, when she ran for this office, one of her campaign promises was to get rid of the NRA  

Congress is playing games with extra unemployment that just expired and some of the governors are insisting that business function at a small percentage of capacity and/or some that are still requiring some business to remain close – now in their 4th month… It is claimed that maybe as much as 50% of the small businesses will not come back.  And Congress just left for their AUGUST VACATION – with no agreements.  Apparently many of the constituents that they represents are nothing but political pawns. Looks like Trump is going to issue some more executive orders to help the people in this country who are suffering financially.

The largest teachers union claims that they won’t go back to work until some demand  – like Medicare for all – that has nothing to do with teaching is met.

Joe Biden has been sheltering in place in his basement and the states have moved toward early voting that some states will be accepting absentee ballots before the first presidential debate is done.

Does anyone but me see the timing of this novel – never seen before – COVID-19 seem a bit suspect ?  After all Trump has played hardball with China and China has 1.4 billion people and if they lost of few million to the COVID-19 infection… would it really make a different to that political structure ?

In my 8 decades on this earth, I have seen riots happening in other parts of the country over that time frame but NONE have lasted for several months.  EXCEPT FOR NOW.  In Milwaukee here is what the cops are telling local residents Minneapolis Cops To Citizens: “Give Criminals What They Want”

In many large cities homicides and other crimes have surpassed all data from 2019 and month to month are up 2-3 fold in numbers.

There are other organized and coordinated parts of this chaos, but I can’t think of them right now.

It was claimed by some that Russia interfered with the last presidential election, .. are some of these same people behind this organized and coordinated chaos to interfere with this election ?


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  1. For the previous people who commented, I am confused who you are talking about. Who are “they” who want to take your guns and your freedom of speech? We will be “slaves in a Socialists nation”? Following the real news, it is the Senate republicans who are refusing to help citizens with extended unemployment benefits and extended moratorium on rent/mortgage. I hope you can see how confused I am with these comments. Who are “communists”? To Iafbch, please point me to the House bill so I can read what is in it, specifically everything you said is in it, “pork” as you say. Would you say funding for the FBI building is “pork”? That has nothing to do with the virus. That is what the president wants in the Senate bill. Wow, the disinformation going around is frightening, especially when so many of us are dying.

  2. They are tearing our country down bit by bit at Record Speed. They want our weapons & our freedom of Speech That protects us from Tyrants! Besides that they don’t care about the citizens since Congress left this session leaving the unemployed to Hang! So much is wrong in the USA. They’re using a virus to scam all our rights away. The people can SEE all this but will they continue to allow it? I pray Not. I hope they remember all of this when they go vote this time and vote these people OUT. They don’t care about anyone of this country except they’re greedy selves. And they’ve made it clear. It’s time for the people to Fight Back Now. Seriously Fight back or the generations ahead will NOT have a country to be proud of, they will end up as slaves in Socialist nation. I hope the people of USA think hard about All of this.

  3. CLEARLY the DOJ and the Presidents Office reside in two completely separate universes, and the twain never shall meet…
    It is the DOJ suing everybody, like Purdue and J&J, while the President is completely unaware of the unintended consequence of “opioid crisis” on legitimate medicine. CLEARLY neither of them listen to the People anymore, if they ever did. The President loves pharma now and will demand the credit for this all the while the DOJ is tearing them to pieces. And the people get nothing and less than nothing.

  4. UNBELIEVABLE!! I really hope the “voters” are paying attention to this. They needed to come up with a bill to “extend” unemployment benefits. Maybe “tweak” it so people go and look for a job instead of sitting home making more money then if they worked.. For usual reasons with these useless idiots,they walk away because of resistance of a bill loaded with pork AGAIN.. 3 TRILLION dollar bill they want And it has nothing to do with this “virus” They want money for the arts millions for illegals millions for there pet projects an on an on.. When does it stop? You would think after this election,but until something radical is put in place we can expect more destruction and riots as long as the “communists” keep funding it

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