Previously unreleased video of the arrest of George Floyd – the rest of the story ?

It has been reported that the local prosecuting attorney withheld this body camera video from the media but somehow a media outlet in England got a copy of this video and only then was it released and a copy got back to the USA media.

It has been reported that Floyd’s toxicology showed that he had a very high blood level of a Fentanyl analog and that may have been why he kept saying that he was having trouble breathing. A overdose of a opiate will cause death by stopping breathing. He was also stating that he suffered from claustrophobia and did not want to get into the back of the police car.

Could this hold situation be another bad outcome when a mental health pt and the cops interact ?  Was the high dose of the Fentanyl causing his underlying claustrophobia to be exaggerated ?

How many people have died because of the over-reaction to Floyd’s death… how many millions of damage to property that was caused by this death ?

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  1. Soooo….if he did have fentanyl in his system, it’s ok that the cop knelt on his neck for 9 minutes? That’s one great way to deal with the drug problem; just have the authorities suffocate anyone who’s on or done drugs.

    • They didn’t know that until well later – that’s not why he was murdered at all. His immediate mistake and the one that LEAD to his quick demise was he severely resisted arrest. If one is innocent one argues that with the judge, but you never know who is a ‘bomb cop’ so ya never give reason to ‘light up’ ANY police officer. Even Steve with his TASER knows that…

    • Perhaps the high levels of Fentanyl made him struggle to breathe – normal for opiate high/overdosing – and the cop putting his knee on his neck was the “straw” that caused this outcome… Without a high blood level of fentanyl he may have survived the knee on his neck

      • They were low.

      • My basic point is, no matter what the suspect may/may not have had in his system, once he’s down & cuffed, a cop kneeling on his neck for nearly 10 minutes IS NOT OK. Was he resisting while being suffocated? I watched the vid, & it sure as hell didn’t look like it. Having a beefy cop kneeling on one’s neck for an extended period of time could kill many people who have no drugs in their systems or breathing problems or anything else. Is it really not a problem for cops to kill people just because they “might” have drugs in their system or might have resisted (or are we going to swear that no cops ever lie about that? Aren’t cops able to deal with people who ARE resisting arrest by non-lethal methods, or at least able to ease up when it’s obvious the person is no longer capable of resisting or even breathing? They don’t have tasers (usually non-fatal)? Batons? Handcuffs/zipties?

        I have the very strong impression that I’m going to be labelled an anti-cop “snowflake,” but seriously don’t care. I have 1) lived with a cop, 2) lived next door to a state trooper & 3) had a friend who was a cop, and think they have about the worst, most stressful job in the world. But many of them are totally out of control & just blanket blaming the victims is not ok.

  2. He never should have had the life choked out of him but I immediately said he started his own troubles that lit the fuse on a ‘bomb cop’. 8 different people hollered abuses at me at facebook for saying that, all unfriended of course…

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