I am pulling away from FACEBOOK because of community standards and their snowflake attitudes

this past week I used this graphic as a comment in a threat on Facebook… I have been using this graphic on a semi-regular basis since 2015.  Apparently FB has changed it “community standards” and I got a notice that the particular post had been pulled because it violated their community standards.

Apparently in the current environment of “cancel culture”… FB has hired some “snowflakes” to write and enforce their community standards.  This time … they stated that they were going to graciously only give me a warning… BECAUSE everyone makes mistakes.. but they “keep score for ONE YEAR” and that if I violate their community standards again I would be put in ‘FB jail” for 24 hrs.  Apparently they are of the opinion that those who post a lot on FB are so “addicted” to using their website that just the threat of being put into FB withdrawal is sufficient to make many people to be compliant.

Apparently their algorithm that they use must have come to that conclusion about me because of the number of posts and content of my posts that I would be submissive to their edits and censorship.  If this is the case, would suggest that their algorithm has some serious flaws.

They gave me the option to “agree” or “contest” their decision, and so I contested their determination… and was not given the opportunity to give my reasons as to why I did not agree with their decision and it took them a WHOLE SIX MINUTES for them to send me a notification that they had reviewed their decision and that they AGREED with their decision.

It was announced on TV today that FB had censored a post of President Trump .. something about his opinion concerning kids and catching/spreading COVID-19 …

Our First Amendment to guarantee “freedom of speech” only applies to the government/bureaucracy… FB is a private corporation… so they can legally control what appear on their webpage.  Of course, there is some law that regulates media that they must publish the truth, but all of these FB type website claims that they are exempt from such laws because they don’t publish anything… they are just a medium for other to publish on…  Since they are now censuring what others are posting… based on some “obscure” community standards… they may end up having to decide what they really are… especially if they continue to censor Trump… since he is the “good friends” with the USA Attorney General.

First of all, I have my own domain… www.pharmaciststeve.ccom … which I own and there is no overlord trying to censor what I post, secondly there is a new competitor to FB https://www.parler.com and I have created a pharmaciststeve account on there and will start using in place of FB. https://www.parler.com is suppose to be more friendly to conservative mindset and doesn’t have snowflakes being censors.

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  1. That is just crazy! Is it just me or is everything getting crazier by the day? I never would have thought we would be where we are 10 or even 5 years ago.

  2. So pulling away from Facebook because who requested or disagreed with the Hitler quote? I don’t do Facebook so not understanding who the snowflakes are. Is it against some rule to call someone a liar if they lie all the time?

    • some of those people at FACE BOOK have created their community standards and they have hired some “independent keepers” of those community standards – reportedly some 20 people – which is claimed that 18 have close ties to George Soros I saw the other day where a person was put in “FB JAIL” for posting something about the “China virus “.. I have also read that they banned – for 90 days – any political ads for Trump. So many of the people who believed that Russia influenced the last election… so apparently those left coast digital giants are going to try and influence this one. I have owned the domain that my blog is on for 10 years and NO ONE has the power to try and sensor me on it.. so screw FB !

  3. Thank you for all of your truthful knowledge followed up by cold, hard facts. Something not in the Orange Dream Sickle’s vocabulary.

  4. Steve,
    Does this also meant that you are closing down the new Facebook page, “The Community for Subjective Diseases”?

  5. They are starting to act like communists You Go Steve! I will try to follow. Ted Cole

  6. I’m pulling out as well for similar reasons. I learned a lot from you Steve, thank you for everything.

  7. Awww man I will miss you hun! Xoxo I think I will move platform over there too getting tired on censorship xoxo

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