CVS: Just business as usual

A CVS technician asked me to post this for her.
I work for the 3 letter in California and a technician at our store recently tested positive for Covid-19. The entire staff was not notified and I only found out after overhearing the PIC discussing it hush hush with another tech. When I asked why she wasn’t telling everyone she said she was waiting on direction from our district leader. It’s been 17 days since that conversation and I’ve heard nothing yet. Two pharmacist working got tested on their own dime and time, came up negative. What’s the protocol on this? What have other stores done? Seems ours is just pretending it didn’t happen. No official alert to workers or customers, no extra cleaning. Just business as usual.

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  1. That is horrible! What about all of the elderly and high risk children. I cannot even imagine the amount of the high risk customers that go in and out of there each day! I would think if someone gets sick and dies from contracting the Covid19 at that location it could be considered involuntary manslaughter at the very least.

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