This video I understand most of it… but… can’t confirm all of the info… but.. it concerns me

I tried to get this video to start at 2:52, but the coding is there that is should do that … but it insists on starting at the beginning of the video…  just push it ahead to that point on the video.

 There is a number of things about what is being done with this COVID-19 pandemic that I have been unsure about.  There has been and continue to be a lot of “guess work” in treating people that test positive for COVID-19. Some have collected plasma from pts who have recovered from COVID-19 as a cure. That plasma contains antibodies and apparently in many incidents the pt recovers, but this treatment is giving the pt “passive immunity” it will fade over a few months.. Likewise,  it is now being reported that those who have had COVID-19 and recovered that the antibodies that their system generated are also passive.

The flu vaccinations that many people get every year also creates a passive immunity … between the dominate flu mutation that shows up every year and the passive antibodies mandates annual vaccinations.  Some entities – mostly pharmacies – are willing to give flu shot starting in August each year , which IMO… is way too early.. by the time that flu season peaks the pt’s antibody titer is not optimum.  Personally we don’t get our annual flu shots until the first two weeks in October… so that our antibody titer is as high as possible when the flu season peaks.

Even new drug entities that are designed to treat “orphan diseases”… where the number of people having the disease are fairly small… sometime… maybe only a couple of hundred thousand.  These orphan drugs gets “Fast tracked clinical trials” , but the time lines of approval of these new COVID-19 vaccine is like “the speed of light”.  In my 50 yrs as a Pharmacist, I have seen all too many times that a new medication comes out… after going thru multiple level, multiple year clinical trials and within being on the market for a year or two.. it is pulled because of some unseen serious adverse reactions.. sometime… so serious that they may have caused deaths.

I have been playing with computers since the late 70’s… taught myself programming and wrote some ultra specialty software in the 80’s. I have a good idea what computers can do and what this doctor says in this video is not outside of the scope of possibilities with today’s computers and technology.

I am not going as far as to say that she is 100% correct, but I am not going to believe that what she is saying is IMPOSSIBLE.

I do know that I am going to pay a lot more attention to what is going on in/around COVID-19, its treatment and potential vaccinations

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  1. This whole Covid Thing is a SCAM. Planned by evil People! DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINES. This nightmare can Only STOP IF The people WAKE UP and Realize what’s Really Going ON here. DO YOUR Research. Listen to MANY Videos and For God’s Sakes read the Rockafellar Foundation plans on their website. There’s a PDF on there. This virus scam was planned as far back as 2010. It’s ALL on the web to be found. Whatever they say to do? DO the OPPOSITE
    DO NOT Comply. Only the people can stop this by saying NO.
    * Also? Hoard FOOD, water & medicine. Prepare for whatever they try to pull this winter. They want to take farmers down. All of this is a sick hoax. Prep your pantrys until the people WIN & end this nightmare.

      Why man? Why do you and your kind do it?
      This is the LAST PLACE anyone needs to be told to “wake up” or ‘do your research’. Dumb pup…

  2. Dr. Kline, has some suggestions in a big picture way – aspirin is mentioned, among others.

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