Rapp Report: Interview With Chronic Pain Warrior, Alexander Urman

Interview With Chronic Pain Warrior, Alexander Urman


In this episode, we interview Alexander Urman, a chronic pain warrior suffering from CSF leaks, and adhesive arachnoiditis. 

Alexander was born in The Ukraine. At the age of 15, six months after beginning karate instructions, under the tutelage of a reckless instructor, he suffered a bad acrobatic fall while learning a new technique. He badly injured his spine in the neck and lumbar regions. At that time, in The Ukraine, these types of spine injuries were not considered treatable. He was 16 when he came to the U.S.  He came already disabled, but pushed through the pain and was able to achieve much. He received two degrees from the very prestigious Stanford University in a five year program, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and M.S. in Engineering Economics. He had great professional success in his jobs after Stanford, but was finding himself in increasing pain from sedentary computer work.  In order to adapt to the challenges of his health, Alexander wanted to have more professional flexibility and have less of a sedentary work style, to explore the managerial or entrepreneurial track. He attended the best state school in California with an MBA program – the Anderson School at UCLA. From that point on, things continued to deteriorate as he suffered through multiple failed spinal surgeries. He spends most of his days battling severe, intractable pain, as well as insomnia from the extremely high levels of pain.

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