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  1. How many ways did you err? Let me count the ways? I don’t know. He seems awful confident – unaware of his blind spots. His knowledge is limited to what he knows.

    Much like the physician who prescribed me tramadol when I was living with chronic pain. Tramadol did not help. I never contacted her to let her know (what’s the use anyway – she would not have prescribed anything other than epidural steroids). So, it would be reasonable to assume that she is confident in the efficacy of tramadol in treating chronic pain adequately. My mistake for not tilting at that windmill to, at least, let her know it did not help.

    I don’t know that this physician is arrogant, but his knowledge is certainly limited to what he knows. And his knowledge is limited. Would anyone agree?

    • you misunderstood my title of this post… 80%-90% of pts in hospitals on vents do not come off the vent alive. The initial people with COVID-19 .. it took 2-3 weeks for symptoms to show and the test took 5-10 days to get results… COVID-19 virus could have had a 3-4 wk head start. This study: administration of the drug hydroxychloroquine makes hospitalized patients substantially less likely to die http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=33931 when hydroxychloroquine was given early. And those people who did survive being on a ventilator ended up with a one + million dollar hospital bill. COVID-19 was a novel virus – never seen before … and people like DR Fauci only wanted to give a med his blessing that had a double blind clinical study that it was proven for treating COVID-19… which could take at a minimum several months… while people were dying from aggressive treatments that were seldom effective. Hydroxchloroquine was approved as safe for use in humans some 50-60 yrs ago and his taken routinely for people dealing with Rheumatic Arthritis and lupus. We still don’t know how many pts died of comorbidity health issues while testing positive for COVID-19 and how many died from having COVID-19. Hospitals got extra $$ for pts with DX of COVID-19 and more $$$ for a pt on a vent… the hospitals were losing money because all elective procedures had been cancelled…all of us need to remember that healthcare is nothing more/less than a for profit BUSINESS

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