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  1. The VA did the same thing to me and I had been on opiate for years and 100% service connected. They dropped everyone and then said epidural injection or accupunture is all you need. The only problem is that it takes months for appointment and those treatment are very temporary do not work very well and cannot be done with someone who has a lifetime spinal problems and damage.

  2. This poor man at 84 years old! You would think the doctors could find it in their hearts to keep him on pain relievers! How old does one have to be to be treated fairly by the DEA and the CDC?? Let’s get rid of the oppressive powers that keep us and put us in harms way!

  3. Let us take the responsibility. Millions of Legitimate severe pain sufferers NEED the medicine and rarely encounter Opiate Use Disorders. The fatally clumsy will always be with us until they manage to ‘off’ themselves trying to have ‘fun’. PAIN is not what we do to have FUN!

  4. This is as bad as when the VA cut off the 90-something year old guy that’d been on pain meds since 1947. What is WRONG with these people?!?!

  5. I keep asking but how the hell is this not criminal? What are they worried an 84 yr old is going to get “addicted?” There is NO reason for this other than greed that these parasites are creating. Im surprised they havent been told they have to take that drug they are pushing on everyone. There drug of choice Suboxone. Another Veteran if I heard right. This is your reward after putting your life on the line for this thankless country.. It is disgusting

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