CVS: Anything for a buck ?

I just thought I’d share this info with you. You may post anonymously if appropriate.
My store is a covid testing store! Initially, there was a cap on # of tests we did per day. Things got somewhat difficult, since a tech spent 10 mins approximately to get test done. So 20 X10 = 200 tech minutes lost. We survived that, so CVS decided to lift the cap. We now have a tech administering tests all day, therefore we loose 9 tech hours ( testing occurs from 9am -6pm). No extra help provided! We are now behind in our daily script filling! Staff is stressed including pharmacist & techs! Front store is tired of ringing for us. Customers are calling from drive through yelling because it’s taking so long to pick up Rx.
This plan was supposed to help minute clinic testing volume. It’s a nightmare. Pharmacist must add ice packs to testing sample box to maintain temperature,this means leaving the building, walking in front of cars at DT to place ice in collection box!
Testing info is recorded on the Epic hospital system which was added to our already antiquated cvs system.
The final straw for me was yesterday. I heard a tech telling patient you must sign up on & you must indicate you have at least one symptom. So I say they should not lie about symptoms. Her response DL told us to tell them that!!! One guy is getting tested weekly! WTH! Anything for a buck CVS!

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  1. It’s hard for Docs and Pharmacists to strike…

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