Are COPS getting a little KARMA ?

those in our legal system seems to be getting some of their “own medicine” … there is data after data that shows that <1% of those prescribed opiates for chronic pain will become addicted. 

How the media and “black lives matters” have turned on ALL POLICE FORCES… and now they are claiming that <1% of cops are “bad apples”, but it seems that few are buying that fact/argument.

Now the marches and protests are entering their third week.

I haven’t heard anything about holding US Marshals, FBI, DEA, and SWAT to a higher standard and reducing the budgets of these parts of our judicial system as being suggested as to what should happen to other police groups.

Perhaps the community of subjective diseases should take notice… particularly of the numbers that have been marching in the streets and how many days – in a row -they have been marching and so far what has been accomplished.. a lot of talk ?  Chicago recently had the most shooting in a single day in over 60 yrs.

And those in the community wonders why having a few dozen people show up for a protest and nothing happens …. and they wonder why ?

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  1. Because most of us don’t feel well enough to attwnd

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