Faces Of Pain And The Sound Of Silence

The Chronic Pain Patient Community led by video producer Passionate Pachyderms fires it’s first shot accross the bow in their battle to regain adequate appropriate treatment for all those suffering debilitating Chronic Pain. Grab the tissues, turn up the sound, and get ready for something truly amazingly done.

Each individual pictured is a Chronic/Intractable Pain Patient who represents 450,000 Chronic/Intractable Pain Patients suffering the effects of this crisis. They are unable to obtain appropriate adequate care and/or the long term pain medication they require to function from day to day or have any quality of life.

These Americans are pictured on both their worst days, (which make up the majority of their lives) and on their rare good days, (in most cases before their medications were severely tapered or stopped completely) leaving them in endless cycles of miserably painful days that give way to sleepless and tormented nights. WE ARE THE FACES OF PAIN.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this important video – there are no words for the enormous amount of (unnecessary) suffering in the chronic pain community. Each face tells a story of despair, pain, and loss. The loss of a life taken too soon, a life that had quality and meaning not so long ago now reduced to 24/7 misery. It’s not an easy video to watch and it doesn’t have a cheery message of hope tacked on the end, because hope is something these people no longer have.

  2. this is a brilliant first shot across the bow I loved every minute i will spend tomorrow emailing this to everyone i can, we need more of this to educate the public to the horror that is happening in this country

  3. I am so very glad that you are posting this! Just as soon as you do … I follow! Thank you for all that you do!

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