CDC manipulates data and numbers. Look at previous years of pneumonia deaths ?

Since the outbreak, things we have been saying for years about the CDC are proving true. CDC manipulates data and numbers. Look at previous years of pneumonia deaths. Then at current deaths. Dr. Birx admitted the CDC wants Drs to list cause of death as Covid-19. Now is the time to inform people, again, that this is what was done to us. The CDC does this alot. My opinion it needs to be shut down. It has 0 oversight. If it cant be shut down, then its scope reduced to contagious virus/bacteria. Now is the time to add millions more voices to ours.

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  1. The Elites Goal is to majorly reduce the population. This Birx lady is affiliated with this organization PEPFAR. Look into to this org. You will. Surprised just how many people you know in the Elite spectrum who are involved with this scam of a org. The president almost cut off WHO but back tracked as usual. He didn’t want to continue giving any funding this to PEPFAR org either. He’s been majorly influenced by Bill. Gates and his vaccines. No one should accept any vaccines these days, because they have Eliminated any liability for harm Done by any of them
    This ID2020 has been said to be included with a Covid 19 vaccine. It’s got properties in it that will allow them to track you, know if you’ve had the vaccine or not? You won’t be able to travel, buy or sell without it. We’ll see if this vaccine comes out? If it does?
    I do not consent to it. But that’s my choice. Each should decide for themselves.
    Basically? None of us should ever trust our government anymore. I don’t know why people could see the lies of the fake stats & garbage about all of this prescription opioid epidemic BS but still believe everything else this corrupt Gov says. If they’ll lie about one thing? Theyll will lie about everything. I Have Zero trust in any Politician , gov official or any agency related any longer . If they say it’s one way? I Believe the opposite because it’s not true anymore. Those days of truth and investigative reporting? are gone forever. Sad to say..

  2. Agree 100% All of these alphabet agencies do nothing but self serve there own agendas The DEA has turned into the “mob” They arent doing anything that it was designed to do.In fact the complete opposite. They are into taking Drs down who are doing there jobs and in turn protecting the “cartels” I really hope if anything comes of this horrible pandemic,its that these groups are eliminated When the CDC has Kolodny on there board,if that isnt a red flag then what is?

  3. Seems they were suggesting dosages for hydroxychloroquine too…

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