Someone defrauding those in the chronic pain community for their own personal gain ?

Yes, in June 2019, she became a registered lobbyist. Now, she’s asking for funds for lobby services for a “firm”, when she has had this planned out for 2 years. She also has spent over $40k in go fund me donations for a “commercial”. How I became aware was that my family and friends raised $650, sent the money in, two weeks after she started the first fundraiser, she did a live video, telling people she was closing it and withdrawing the funds. I asked sonething in the comments about,”what about the receipts that were going to be provided”, because she showed up fresh off a car wreck with her daughter, with 8 shots of Botox in her face. The woman is on ssd. (She doesn’t take pain medication, btw. Says it’s a “bad look” for her in her video, so unsure why she’s so passionate about it) she’s got no business to withdraw nine thousand dollars (in the first of 5 commercial fundraisers) and come on live video, saying she’s getting her daughter a bmw and complaining how bad her face hurt after 4 thousand dollars worth of Botox injections. I was so confused and just felt wronged. I asked where our $650 went, if she could provide receipts to the donors like she had originally promised. She started tossing anyone asking anything about the money, telling people they need to trust her. How can we trust her when she won’t even answer simple questions to people she should be respectful of that did give money to her? Things were very wrong and I felt like I was in the twilight zone with this lady, because her fraud is so obvious, especially to anyone whose been watching her talk since January 2018

I don’t know who is being referenced in this FB post, nor the accuracy of the information that was posted.  However, all of those in the chronic pain community should be aware of those who will take advantage of the community for their own personal gain.

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  1. Steve Airens we support you!

  2. Exacetly Steve ariens was fighting this fight on intarackable pain patients as far back as 2000 I know he was the first person period exposing it way before the 2026 f(fake pain medicine hox)by the devils at CDC, prop, DEA,+all antipain relief zelots, period , I was warned by a great medicial professional that child is a medical professional in oragen where this gaenocide of disabled intarackable pain patients began +then I found Steve ariens site the only person+site already fighting this inexcusable killing field of helpless intarackable pain patients then the devils at CDC, prop, DEA put out the giant lie(fake pain medicine hoax)oh yeah Andrew kolondy the father of all the murdering of cpp patients! Then I filled the great pain Dr., The first pain doctor in u.s hired by gov. For viatnam vets+intarackable pain patients in California served in service highly decorated doctor +refused to give in to these monsters at DEA+prop+that extreme devil’s in O’Regan Dr. Forest Tenney! Then Claudia merandi came on the scene fighting with fire +dpp rallies and the great don’t punish pain+the great pain community was born!+we have been fight in pure hell ever since with all these lies, untruths, propangda+pure mis information of our great God given , safe+effective, life saving, pain medicine used for 5000years+200 years in americia! Vital illreplaceable live giving pain medicine! So I don’t know who this creep witch is but she needs to be feed to prop+kolondy+DEA because they love to eat human flesh+drink human blood +would be grateful for thier insatiable thrust for blood! They have destroyed +murdered million through forced suicide+complications from denial like of life saving pain medicine, for, elderly, our veterans,+all cpp patients in hellish 24/7/365a day pain(pain kills)love ya Mr. Steve ariens, Andy smith

  3. I myself know this person and I understand why Pharmacists Steve decided not to call her out by name. Any person who has been around the block a time or two knows just who this “Toilet Paper” lady is. Let’s face it, no need to sell trinkets to get things accomplished. We are all in this together. I, for one, founded C.O.R.E. to help support the chronic pain sufferers Facebook community and didn’t ask a dime. I trademarked the name and logo C.O.R.E. and proud that I didn’t ask a dime from our members.
    This fake advocate Pharmacist Steve is writing about and referencing to needs to be brought to peoples attention. Hopefully the CPC can figure it out on their own before she spends another $40-$70 K on another luxury car for another family member.

  4. Im the woman doing the other videos. And boy can i tell alot.

  5. […] Someone defrauding those in the chronic pain community for their own personal gain ? […]

  6. Well this women has done a lot to raise awareness about the issues with Chronic pain, which is a lot more then other people do. I think she had put that money toward the commercial and so many people whine because it would be limited where it would be shown. However I guess she is not allowed to buy her daughter a car and just because people are on disability does not mean they are poor. Who said you have to put there life saving in a cause first before asking for others help. We would have no rallys and if people dont like they should do it themselves. The fact that Pharmacist Steve does not know this person and then posted it without proof is nothing more then slander and is wrong. I doubt she is making tons of money and if she is making some money for expensives so what. What do you think lobbist get paid? And it does cost money to travel to talk to elected officials ect.. Just because someone is a advocate does not mean they should have to be poor or pay for all there travel expenses ect especially when she representing a lot more people then just herself. This crap does not help and unless someone has proof of fruad then this was the wrong place to post this. If people do have a complaint then they should file with authorities. But most of these people dont have proof and are angry because they did not get whatever they were looking for. It is her group and she can run it anyway she wants. If you dont like then dont donate money or join the rallys. If you can do better then let’s see how you do making commercials, setting up a national group with rallies all over the country and someone who spend time doing this when she does not have to.

    • Agreed that this was the wrong venue to post those particular frustrations. Dr. Steve, whether you can verify the info or not, you condone it by posting it. Now a sad war of words has started… and all cpp look immature and vindictive, which serves to strengthen our negative stereotype. Let’s try to be motivated by thoughtful words and genuine concerns from our own mouths for our suffering community… especially on this Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter to all! May we find peace and strength in our Savior today

  7. What makes me VERY ANGRY is that now she is using Dr. Kline. She is asking for money on behalf of his fight and in his name for “the doctors corner.” Let me be VERY CLEAR… The ONLY people Dr. Kline have given permission to collect funds for him and the ONLY WAY he is actually getting funds, when he is ready, is from the GOFUNDME set up by myself and Lynda Rollins. He has been in communication with us both and we are honoring all of his requests.

    Please. Leave the drama alone and let her karma come around. We need to rise above.

    See Dr. Kline’s legit gofundme here:

  8. Yep, not surprised And I hear tell that my favorite Holiday fundraiser is up and active. While everyone else is thinking and asking how is our fellow CPP and do they need anything, this person is focused on self and keeping with tradition like the first one starting on the birth of our lord, this one was started on passover.

  9. I know who this is. People worship this lady, like the answer to the opiate prohibition lies with her, and her alone.
    There are people working hard on our behalf who are spending their own very limited funds to go to Washington D.C., Washington State, and other locations to fight for our rights.
    Stop giving money to someone who considers getting a BMW for her daughter a priority. Any money given to her will not be used wisely.

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