pharmacist said that he can not complete my order because my doctor is more than 30 miles away

I recently moved back to xxxxxxxxxx. When looking for a pain management doctor I found I had to go out of the area to see a doctor. When the #campfire took everything I owned I moved to a rental for 16 months. Now that I am back and settled into my new home in xxxxxxxx I looked for an inexpensive place to fill my prescriptions. I did reduce my high opiates with this doctor leaving me to only take and try to live with my chronic pain with Cymbalta, Tramadol and Subutex. As you probably know the subutex is expensive. Raleys happened to be the cheaper choice and 13.1 miles from my home. Upon turning in my doctors prescriptions the associate took all of my info and all of mt goodrx coupon info and said there should be no problem and will text me when my prescriptions are ready for pick up. By the time

I got home I recieved a message from the pharmacist that he can not complete my order because my doctor is more than 30 miles away.

I am on a SSDI income and can’t afford the other pharmacies in my neighborhood. I have had to conserve what I have and yesterday while taking a shower I moved a wrong way and the pain was so bad I fell over and out of the shower pulling the curtain down with me. I dont know how much more I can endure living this way and hoping you can help. I have texted the Raleys offices in Sacramento with no help.
The DEA has stated that it is a RED FLAG for a pt to travel a “long distance” to see a physician or go to a pharmacy to get a Rx filled.  To the best of my knowledge the DEA has never DEFINED what is a “long distance”  This came from the period years ago when people were going to pill mill clinics in FL and showing up in pharmacies states away wanting to get those Rxs filled.
Some time ago I heard of story about a Walgreen’s Pharmacist that refused to fill a pt’s Rx because the pt’s home was not in the same zip code as the pharmacy. HOWEVER, the pt’s home was 0.5 miles from the Walgreens BUT there was a zip code boundary line between the pt’s home and the Walgreens.
When it is stated that most people live within a 5 miles of a pharmacy.. that sort of belief as to what is a “long distance” seems to be a little TOO NARROW.
Here is a website where the pharmas are suppose to help those who are having trouble paying for their medications. There could also be some one time assistance from American Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army and numerous others.  Some will give assistance for rent and utilities but not meds and some will help with meds but not rent and utilities..  Be careful what you first ask for… some may have no do overs to ask for assistance.
Some pharmacies – that is closer to your home.. may match the price of another store.
If you feel that you need to talk to someone at the “offending pharmacy”… perhaps trying to get a hold of the VP of Pharmacy services to discuss your concerns about the poor service that you encountered.   Sometimes the pharmacist is enforcing corporate policy but others it may be that the pharmacist has developed their own policies and pharmacy management may not be aware of this and/or approve of these personal policies.
This suggests that this pharmacist or pharmacy has no concerns about the medication needs or the financial circumstances of the pt. Providing healthcare should not be determined by some arbitrary check list, but that seems to what is happening all too many times

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  1. Well there’s a Dr around the corner anymore who will treat pain properly. Some patients with rare disease have to travel to other states to find the right Dr to treat them.. This is my case. My state only has Injection and procedure jockeys. Alabama has become one of the WORST Anti- Pain medicine states in the country!! I used to use mail Order without issue until I had to travel to for care. Well the Two PBM’s that think they OWN pharmacy now? Refuse to my Rxs. No independent in my area will touch out of state Rxs either! I couldn’t believe it but Walgreens was my last resort and they filled without blinking an eye as long as it was electronically prescribed. I would never have dreamed of using a chain and haven’t in many, many years!
    So what does a person with rare or chronic do? If there are no Drs willing to care for them? I’m actually going extremely to far for me to honestly be able to continue indefinately but what choice do I have? I can’t find any other Drs willing to pick up the care plan I’m already on.
    This has become one of this once free worlds worst nightmare!
    I have no idea where else to go. I really feel for legitimate pain community today. And sadly? Who wants to listen to our problems? Not any legislators. They’re who made these inhumane hideous laws!
    There’s no one not anywhere. Who has compassion for other human beings anymore. It’s gone. I don’t see it returning either, sadly not ever.

  2. They can also check with area churches for some assistance. Many of our local churches have food banks. Many will also help you with rent and utilities for the month (unless their funds are already depleted.) NOTE: You do NOT have to be a member of the church nor do you have to attend church.

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