RIP Jennifer Hill – CRPS Warrior SUICIDE


RIP Gravestone

Committed Suicide on her 53rd BIRTHDAY April 1, 2020

my money is on that no one involved in her pain management care – or denial of care – will be held responsible for this

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  1. Please be careful. I have spoken with her husband since it happened and I’m just asking to not make assumptions. For her family’s sake. It was horrible and she lived with so much pain for so long. She WAS still getting care.

  2. My sister suffered many years, she was actually 56 years old, and she also had cancer, besides many other health problems. We called her Boo, born on April fools day after 5 brothers, I love you Boo.

    Rest In Peace

  3. Another victim of this ridiculous war. Govt has her blood on their hands. I wish I could be there when karma comes back on these zealots.

  4. Sad.

  5. The height of black desperation to find this necessary. So many of us are half-way there also. Thanks Andrew Kolodny and Co.

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