walgreens apparently implementing “hard stops” on their computer system for particular meds- practicing medicine ?

The practice of medicine can be basically defined as follows: Do a in person physical exam, diagnose the pt’s health issues, create a plan of treatment that will cure the health issue or manage the health issue..  As well, the practice of medicine involves the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s plan of treatment, which includes medications.

The question is… is Walgreen’s practicing medicine without a license, restricting interstate commerce or some other issue that they have no legal authority to do ?

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  1. Needless to say, such stopping would NEVER ORIGINATE in the mind of anyone that knew anything about medicine… I call out accountants, and their keen awareness of that word “liability”.

  2. This hard stop is as a result of several states Texas,Idaho, Nevada and now Ohio as of this morning that has implemented new prescribing rules for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. A few prescribers are now writing scripts for themselves and family members to hoard in case they need it. They are not testing an active case. These drugs are in short supply and should be reserved for our RA and lupus patients that need them. It’s critical for a lupus patient. Any scripts for an active COVID 19 case should be done in a hospital setting for seriously ill patients. I have seen the deluge of these scripts in,the last 3 days. These doctors hoarding for themselves are acting unethically. I was appalled. Plus they show up in the store to pick script up. If they have been in contact with a patient who is positive, I don’t want them in the store putting my team,or other patients at risk. When we saw the prick,of these scripts on Friday, we contacted the BOP and OPA and in two days they enacted an emergency rule to stop this. We needed this. Personally the medical board should discipline these doctors. That is why these hard stops are in,place. It is to remind the pharmacy teams since these emergency rules are happening quickly and frequently.

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