Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: RED FLAGS can be destructive

One mechanic to discriminate against anyone is a red flags. a red flag is a made-up suspension to say that just because someone has a pony-tail or tattoos, they are a criminal. In our world, the pharmacists are delaying the people prescriptions just because they are a opioid user and have traveled a large distance. We need to protect people from the prejudice of pharmacists refusing to fill a legitimate prescriptions.


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  1. C’mon now, pain people are the only minority that not only is it legal to discriminate against, it’s seen as been good for society if you abuse them as much as possible! And anyone with a tattoo or wearing sweat pants or some other icky thing, or who looks like they feel bad, is probably an addict of some kind. The country would be much better off without them, so it’s GOOD to withhold their medicine!

    I can’t imagine what happens when a chronic pain patient ends up in an overworked hospital with coronavirus…the first thing that probably happens is, they stick a tag on the patient that says “don’t bother to waste any resources on this useless parasitic dirtbag!” After all, if they’re considering using “social usefulness” as a criteria for parcelling out limited hospital supplies, everybody knows pain patients are nothing but a drag on society.

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