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Pharmacists for Healthier Lives Offers Perspective on Opioid Crisis

Pharmacists for Healthier Lives (PfHL) – a coalition of pharmacy and healthcare organizations raising awareness of how pharmacists help people live their healthiest lives – today announced the launch of a campaign designed to


educate consumers on the critical role pharmacists play in helping patients use prescribed opioids safely and effectively.

The campaign includes videos featuring coalition partners that will run on Facebook this month and can be found on the website.

As the medication experts on a patient’s healthcare team, pharmacists can identify health problems associated with pain management and addiction.  – emphasis on ADDICTION !

They are specially trained to provide counsel and set a course of action to ensure best patient outcomes, thus reducing the risk of addiction.

“When it comes to information about pain management and the risks involved with taking opioids

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  1. Nobody is learning anything but the pain crisis people.

    • I totally agree! I believe chronic pain patients know more about HOW the system SHOULD work than anybody. We see all the flaws. We are part of the flaws. We are the one’s that are taken advantage of and mistreated. These are the result of upper management. Not the poor people who attempt to keep corporate happy by working themselves beyond reasonable and having to listen to us cry and complain because of the abuse by the system. This is all part of the insurance companies trying to run the entire show. President Trump is in the process of taking care of these greedy insurance companies!

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