“in constant pain and nothing else could be done”. Two gunshots were then heard in the background


DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – Delhi Township Police are investigating the deaths of a man and a woman found inside a home Tuesday. The Hamilton County Coroner identified them Wednesday as Harvey and Patricia Sander.

Harvey Sander called 911 from the home on Pontius Road at about 7 a.m. He told the call-taker that his wife was “in constant pain and nothing else could be done”. Two gunshots were then heard in the background. Communication with the caller ended.

When police and a SWAT team got there, they found both dead in an upstairs bedroom.

According to the coroner, Harvey Sander killed Patricia and then killed himself.

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  1. This outrages me.Lord help us,it wont be me,but I fear the anger regarding all this may escalate into violenceYour life is NOT YOUR OWN,as the Bible tells us.You were bought at a price-A HUGE ONE!!The brutal murder of our Precious Saviour Jesus>I pray and really believe that Our Loving God will forgive suicide.How I hope so>Because this is a choice no one should be faced with.Amen.R.I.P.Sanders!Later is greater!

  2. Can you even imagine the level of their emotional pain – not to mention the physical pain these two human beings were forced into living!? Omg! This is just heartwrenching and utterly unjust! Our society failed them both. The false narrative about opioids for pain has got to be stopped. But until we can raise $$$$$ and lots of it to hire a PR firm to run tv ads, magazine ads, online ads, radio ads etc. they are going to continue to force people into suicide. Now, the doubters claim … oh, but most certainly there MUST be OTHER reasons why they killed themselves like history of depression, abuse as a child, and other … well, excuses because honestly it IS hard to admit our fellow brothers and sisters are choosing death over a life … [maybe not so much when that life is daily agony]… it makes us look at ourselves- at the society we’ve come to accept by living in it day after day and only speaking up when something harms us. That’s one major tool we’re missing. We need healthy people unaffected by illness/injuries that cause chronic intractable pain to LISTEN, to SPEAK UP, and to TAKE ACTION with US. Back to the doubters … YES! People that had been stable on their daily dose of opioids and who had learned to live with compromise after compromise in order to settle into their best happiness and who had been functioning members of our society, with loving family, friends, jobs, and content with what they’d carved out in life between the surgeries, medical procedures, Guinea pig treatments, off label meds, trial meds, physical therapy, psychological counseling and so forth ARE INEED KILLING THEMSELVES BECAUSE OF THE PAIN AND ONLY THE PAIN!! So, doubters will doubt because maybe the truth is just too much for them. The TRUTH that ages old MEDICINE could have saved them but the NARRATIVE has killed them instead.


    What ARE WE going to do about it!? And WHEN?

    We NEED a PR firm.

    If every chronic pain patient would donate $5 or $10 a month WE WOULD turn this tide back around.

    I’m so ANGRY

    I’m so TIRED

    I hurt for the loss of these two souls.

    Rest in sweet heavenly peace Harvey and Patricia “Your fight is over” god bless.

  3. Pain is the number one reason people go to a physician, yet now people with intractable pain, find that their life destroying pain will not be treated.

    This is the result of years of lies and propaganda, completely unregulated health marketing, and profiteers, that continuously mislead the public. They normalized the suicides and the suffering.

    I try not to think of the despair, hopelessness, and psychological abuse the people that commit suicide are experiencing. These people were also demeaned and talked down to by health professionals. Of course there is no evidence that refusing to treat intractable chronic pain, has led to any reduction in illegal drug use or deaths by overdose. Even when the data became clear, the same liars, hucksters and grifters in charge of healthcare, decided to ignore it.

    They did nothing when the Veterans committed suicide in VA parking lots. As long as there is a profit to be made, the deaths will continue. They are ignoring the suicides in young people too, as if that is not an indicator of some kind of societal failure.

    Lying about pain has been really profitable. The pharma industry peddled lot of dangerous and useless alternatives. No one counted those deaths either, or they attributed them to opioids. It was perfectly legal to sell anti depressants, anti psychotics and painful and expensive dangerous steroid injections. The device industry cashed in too, with the help of the corrupt FDA, which withheld reports of the deaths.

    This is how the profit driven healthcare model works, as liars and propagandists keep deliberately misinforming the public. In America where narcissism and self interest, have been elevated to the highest highest office in the land, the media still refuses to publish these deaths. They have to maintain the current corporate lies, propaganda and false narratives. This is unregulated capitalism, and it has undermined every regulatory agency. The healthcare industry used this false narrative to increase profits. Of course most people lack empathy or believe it won’t happen to them.

    A child died in my state, from the flu and people are too selfish or greedy to get a flu vaccine. There was no outrage, no examination, nothing. Anti Vaxx propaganda is killing people too, but no one cares about that either.

    Greed corruption and lies, that is America!

  4. Notice they never mention that the pateints are NOT being given appropriate pain care by ERs hospitals or doctors. I wish THAT point would be reported

  5. I was afraid of that.

  6. So Very, Very sad. My sincere prayers and deepest condolences to the Sander family. I am truly burdened for the family and other pain management patients that have no where to turn.

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