Are CHRONIC PAIN PTS the only group not involved in suing someone over the opiate crisis.

Major Pharmacy Chains Claim Doctors, Other Providers Are Responsible For Opioid Crisis In New Lawsuit

“The pharmacist is not supposed to be second guessing the medical necessity of the doctor’s prescription,” said Timothy Johnson, an attorney for

Discount Drug Mart. Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and others who have found themselves in the cross hairs over who was responsible for curbing the opioid crisis filed their own suit against providers.

The Associated Press: Pharmacies Say Prescribers Bear Opioid Crisis Responsibility Doctors and other healthcare practitioners who write prescriptions bear ultimate responsibility for improper distribution of opioids to patients, not pharmacists who are obliged to fill those prescriptions, a series of pharmacy chains argued in federal court. The filings, which were submitted Monday to the federal judge in Cleveland who has been overseeing the national opioid lawsuits, asked the judge to rule in the pharmacies’ favor and reject claims brought by some Ohio counties. The judge has scheduled an October trial for claims against CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, HBC and Discount Drug Mart. (Welsh-Huggins, 1/7)

when “deep pockets” start suing each other… then perhaps we really have some sort of crisis.. how much long before the insurance/PBM industry gets sued… after all they did PAY FOR ALL THE OPIATES … so how much of a stretch is it that the law firms start suing them because after all they did pay for most/all of those opiates. ?

could all of these legal activity cause some/many healthcare corporations to “just say no ” when it comes to dealing (prescribing, filling, paying ) with opiates. The financial liabilities could prove to be just too costly.

Of course, throwing tens of millions of chronic pain pts into untreated/unrelenting pain… may end up being NOT THEIR PROBLEM


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  1. Of course they are going to blame doctors and patients, ,and pharmacists, they are easy targets. This false narrative also helps ensure healthcare and insurance industry profits. These corporations paid our politicians, lobbied to eviscerate the the regulatory agencies, and even made sure that the DEA could not track or interfere with their operations. These companies ensured that the corporate media did not cover the massive amounts of opioids that were diverted to the black market.

    The industry had unlimited money to influence public policy, pay off politicians and conduct misinformation campaigns to mislead the public. They chose to target patients, in order to distract attention from their illegal behavior. This problem has been going on for over 20 years, and is only getting worse. In spite of facts data and statistics the same ineffectual lies are being circulated.

    Our local media ran really nice fluff articles about how Walmart was educating our teens on opioids. The very same corporation that helped fuel this problem, with their diverted drugs, contributed to the epidemic of despair, by shipping jobs overseas, and running local businesses out of business. These companies also contributed to the “Both Sides” corporate media coverage, that claimed that addiction could be overcome with prayer or good thoughts, while people died.

    Our democracy is under attack, our federal agencies are no longer functioning, and American are under a massive propaganda campaign. 20 years out we are no closer to fixing this problem. The entire time this was going on doctors and patients were under attack, while the “epidemic” grew.

    They had a lot of help eviscerating the regulatory agencies while whining about regulations.

  2. There never was an opioid CrisIs. Just a bunch of stupid CDC employees filing an incorrect report compounded by people who refuse to take
    Responsibility for their own problems. When a Doctor gives you a script for any medication, the normal person contacts the Doctor if they have a
    Problem with it. They don’t wait until they are addicted to the medication to file a complaint.

    It is really sad that the real chronic pain patients who have been abused and left to suffer without enough pain medication,are never mentioned in any of the Media Articles but the lawsuits against the Pharmacy’s and Drug Manufacturerer’s are.

    They have also kept records of how many people have overdosed, but how many of them were chronic pain patients who could no longer get
    Their medication, compared to the drug addicts that are repeat offenders?

    This whole thing is just rediculous. What’s next? Get drunk, Sue the liquor or beer company, the place where you bought it, the bar where you drank it, the guy who bought you the drink? Sound Crazy? Same thing for drugs but our world & this generation just don’t get it!

  3. Obviously it’s been discovered by these bright minds that the money resides in hating the substance no matter where the word pops up. And …he who sues first sues last.

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  5. AHHHHH!
    I’ve been wondering about this myself.

  6. Tens of millions…. would make a powerful army.
    A cartel would do well however.

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