JATH: collecting first hand accounts of injuries resulting from opiate pain medicine reductions over the past four years

Our organization,JATH educational.com,  is collecting first hand accounts of injuries resulting from opiate pain medicine reductions over the past four years.  We are aware that the CDC believes the “Guideline” was misinterpreted, and it may have been, but this is now irrelevant with thousands of reports of injuries resulting from unwanted and non-consented opiate pain medicine reductions and discontinuations all citing the CDC and PROP guidelines.


We are notifying you of our concerns. 


Reductions are.still occurring in spite of CDC, FDA and HHS warnings this is not a good idea.  As a disease and injury  prevention agency we see  a new task for CDC to shift to prevention and treatment of these injuries we are estimating 3000+ a day.  All these new injuries are stemming from the wide spread anti-opioid movement occurring over the last 4 years.


We estimate about 5-8 million have been seriously injured.


JATH is setting up a mailing list with brief summaries of injuries occurring from tapering of 70-80% of the ten million identified by Nora Volkow as prescribed long term opiate pain medicines.  


Only 20% of the ten million with chronic and rare painful diseases have been unaffected by the mass reductions and resultant under-treatment of long term painful diseases.  We are asking for official confirmation of our estimates as to the extent of these injuries and what to do about them.  We believe this was mandated in January, 2016 by the CDC Board of Scientific Advisors.  We would happy to assist in the follow-up “unintended consequences” that presciently occured.  


WE can help in the data gathering for the analysis and recommendations by your Center.  We have access to large networks of those with chronic and rare diseases affected exhibiting these new injuries. 


Where should we have the patients send these reports?


Thank you


Thomas F. Kline MD, PhD

JATH Educational Consortium LLC

Raleigh, North Carolina

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  1. And on top of all this, the drug makers are now making all instant release meds so they don’t work. They are putting little to no active ingredient in thenm and someone needs to have them tested and sue these evil pos. Ruined my life. I know it’s true because I save old ones and feel immediate relief and it’s the SAME BRAND. Or else the medicine warehouses has people replacing the real stuff w fakes. I’ve made numerous reports with the FDA and it just got worse again in December. Please someone who’s got money get these tested and get a class action lawsuit together. I am not gonna be able to support myself much longer.

  2. It is hard to even quantify losing ones dignity, and being labeled. One the the things that was really detrimental was the Gas Lighting that occurred. The media reported that all chronic pain patents were craven addicts, which turned families against their own members. No one is looking at the long term damage, loss of income, loss of dignity. Marketers took advantage of this too, spreading lies about chronic pain, in order to sell books and alternative medicine. None of this was fact checked, and no one even looked at their impact on people with pain.

    Certain industries really cashed in on the desperate pain patients, like the device industry. They undermined the FDA to hide the device industry reports. Patients were forced to try dangerous and ineffective surgeries, and the deaths were just not counted. Snake Oil sales people peddled all kinds of alternative therapies.

    To fight the so called opioid epidemic physicians and academic institutions endorsed bogus treatments.,


    This kind of deceptive marketing would have been Illegal 20 years ago.

    “In this time of a national opioid crisis, we believe strongly that it is important to provide our pain management patients with a full range of non-opioid treatments and we know Kinesio taping is now an evidence-guided therapy,” said Joanna Katzman, M.D., director of the UNM Pain Clinic within the School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery.”

    Kinesio taping is a scam, yet a member of the State Opioid Commission, is shown here endorsing it. Her clinic also pushed pain pumps and intrusive surgeries to people with chronic pain. the FDA withheld the adverse events from the public to protect the unscrupulous device industry.

    So many lies and non stop propaganda, the Profit Driven healthcare system, will point he finger at any one, and even undermine our healthcare system to continue to profit.

  3. I see many many reports where patients are reporting having lost a full 1/3 or more of their body weight. Comments that CPPs are “Wasting!” I have been very concerned as I.too am wasting and have lost nearly 35lbs that I could not afford to lose, following a forced rapid taper, after over 2 decades of adequate relief. I am scared to death we are going to die.

  4. I fell a few weeks ago due to a surge of pain as I stood up causing me to lose my balance . I now have 2 fractured vertebrae to deal with.

    • Very sorry to read about your injury, S Williams. I reinjured my neck last year when I fell during a severe (acute) cervical pain episode. My original injury flared bad (72 hour non-stop because of trigger points in both trapezius muscle). Trigger point pain in left and right trapezius muscles can be extreme because of the fibrous tissue’s muscle knots. Childbirth was easier for me to cope with: I had a VBAC 8 1/2 lb. baby in November 1984 without any anesthesia! Coping with “Transition” part of Labor was a challenge, but it was Nature. I worked with each contraction. Took 2 1/2 hours of mental focus to get through each contraction’s pain (remember Childbirth is not an injury…..).

      Fast forward 6 years and 2 1/2 months when a distracted driver at a Yield sign rear ended my vehicle so “hard” that my hand on the turn-signal lever broke. My neck vertebrae and connective tissue always were permanently damaged: herniated disks.

      Despite having cervical fusion at C5-C6 and C6-C7 with my hip bone, neck pain still occurred. I suffer from a remaining herniated disk C3-C4 and occipital neuritis.

      Severe pain from an upper cervical spinal injury brings nerve root compression, degenerative disk disease, dystonia and cervicogenic headache (different from migraine – it feels like bone against bone at base of skull resting on vertebral column). Triptans won’t touch it. When I fell from dizziness and visual problems, my left eye’s orbital “tissue” was bruised. I am blessed and lucky in averting an orbital bone fracture.

      My acupuncture clinician who holds education and MD license from her native China said to me “Sometimes there is a real need for opiate therapy! No patient should suffer needless pain!” She was shocked at the USA’s “War against Pain Patients”

      Acupuncture can help a person’s body generate more “endorphins”, but Medicare Part B does not cover this valuable health treatment modality.

      Have many state medical boards and CMS/HHS forgotten the lawsuit decisions protecting intractable pain patients from the 1990s?

      Have state medical board physicians forgotten all the Social Security Blue Book disability conditions with extreme pain?

  5. does being in too much pain to function count? (no withdrawal symptoms, strokes, etc).

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