Chronic Pain and the Opioid Crisis with Pharmacist Steve

Chronic Pain and the Opioid Crisis with Pharmacist Steve

Steve Ariens joins us today. He is better known online as Pharmacist Steve. 

Steve has been a licensed pharmacist for over 50 years. He’s worked at hospitals, nursing homes, and he owned and operated an independent pharmacy for 20 years.

Since retiring he has dedicated his time to documenting how the response to the opioid crisis has hurt chonic pain patients. This is is a personal issue for Steve as well, his wife has been a chronic pain pateint for over 20 years. 

We discuss the origins of the opioid crisis, who are profiting from it,  how those in pain are suffering from the government and corporate medicine’s reponsed to it, and how government intervention into the healthcare market and specifically the War on Drugs, have led to many of the problems we are facing today. 

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