abt 30% of chronic pain pts having opiates discontinued DIED within 5 yrs

Mortality After Discontinuation of Primary Care–Based Chronic Opioid Therapy for Pain: a Retrospective Cohort Study



This is a pretty long dissertation of this study, appears to be done in/around Seattle WASH in the early 2000’s. So I am not going to post the entire text of the study buy the above link will take you to the entire posting 


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  1. As Steves flag indicates and indicated over 5 years ago,,”Genocide,American style,,,,As my pain doc of 20 years stated in our last appointment,,,as long as ,”addiction,sud,,is a part of chronic pain now a days,,,we will NEVER-EVER get thee effective amounts of medicine needed to actually EFFECTIVELLY lessen our physical pains from medical conditions, and I agree,,,As long as your doc is ,”worried” about addiction,,and not fully committed to giving us whgat we need in effective meds,,he/she will never give us enough MEDICINE to effectively lessen our physical pain,,ever again…We alll have been saying,,more will die,,and it is happening,,EVERYTHING we all have been saying w/this forced intrusion into our medical affairs has happen’d,,suicide at all time high,,,heartattacks etc ,,all time high in pain patientrs,,their killing us,,,and THEY KNOW IT!!!,,,FURTHERMORE NO OTHER COUNTRY IS DOING THIS TO THEIR LONG TERM MEDICALLY ILL,,,,NOT 1,,,IS ARRERSTING INNOCENT DOCTORS,,NOT 1 IS LIMITING MEDICINES TO NON-EFFECTIVE LEVELS,,,,,ALL OTHER COUNTRIES ARE BEING HUMANE ONTO THEIR MEDICALLY ILL,,,,,BUT 1,,,,,,AMERICA IS THEE ONLY 1 TRULY TORTURING/KILLING OFF ITS LONG TERM MEDFICALLLY ILL FOR $$$$$$$,,maryw

  2. Chronic pain is a real disease. If these patients require opioids their five year mortality is predictable. Most of these patients were forced off of their opioids. In my view this study reveals gross ignorance of the pain system and its pathology and, worst of all, vicarious murder by regulator.

  3. Yep.
    Six of my patients died when I was forced out of practice.

  4. Unexcusable silent genocide …. Targeting the ‘boomer’ cohort. CHRIMES against HUMANITY.= SlOW painful unnecessary drawn out path to non existence. if need be, I will decide my way of leaving; not the CDC, GOVERNMENT OR BIG PHARMA. This is totally malpractice of allowed opiate pain moderating MEDICATION.

    • Actually, Boomers are the perps. Victims are spread across the chronologic, economic, and cultural spectrum. CP/IP doesn’t discriminate.

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