PBM Cost Containment Therapy on high cost pts ?



Sadly, this is one of several transplant patients that I have heard of whose life will be at risk over this weekend because their transplant medications will not arrive on time. It’s not against the law for #PBMs to risk lives as they force to their mail-order pharmacy. That’s how they make profits. Sadly, these medications are most likely available at a local pharmacy, but the PBMs want to hoard the business for themselves. PBMs and their mail-order pharmacies will classify a drug a specialty drug, so they can force or steer us to their mail-order pharmacy by making patients pay 100% of the cost if they use their TRUSTED local pharmacy. #stopPBMabuse

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  1. Yep! I’m experiencing just this now. Sad our military vets, retirees are being treated Dirt!
    So far this hasn’t happened to everyone, just me.
    I use a different small pharm than my. Husband and he hasn’t had any issues yet. Sucks!! This is
    A railroad job into mail order which I hate! unless you can find a med you can afford to pay cash for.

  2. This is fucked up.

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