Evernote complies with DEA

Evernote complies with DEA


I don’t know if i should categorise this under Tech but anyways let’s mobe on with it. It seems Evernote which is a Note Taking App and very useful if I may add recently gave data on an User of theirs to the DEA. Now it has been notified that the user was allegedly a Dark Web Drug Dealer so that sounds good in a way but since it was only alleged this does leave a sour taste in my mouth.

The DEA did get warrants to do so but still Evernote should have resisted a little as the next one could be anyone else. This does serve as a breach of privacy as many people do keep important stuff on that App and after this news came out a lot of users are already jumping ship as they are looking for better Privacy options.


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  1. It looks as if the patient is DAMNED even with documented, known pain generating disease. Heaven help you if you are injured and or need surgery now. Just grin and bear it. Could the “still healthy”, “fit” do it??????? Yeah I am a bit PO’d today.

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