all sunshine…. lollipops…. & roses…key stakeholders focused on (pain) policy solutions

I’m so energized by two meetings in DC this week with key stakeholders focused on policy solutions that promote individualized, multimodal, comprehensive, person-centered, integrative pain care. Some takeaways – our voices do change policies; earlier access to treatment is key; we must implement HHS best practices pain management task force report recommendations; increasing awareness/education about what comprehensive pain care looks like is of highest priority. All these efforts – and so many more – make a difference together. No shortage of good work to do. patientaccess afbpm voicessummit aacipm acute chronicpain @AACIPM Kate Nicholson Dania Palanker Cindy Steinberg Jianguo Cheng MD, PhD, FIPP John Prunskis Vanila M. Singh MD

Maybe it is just me… but looking at the sign from this “solution summit” and looking at the “fine print”  VOICES FOR NON-OPIATE CHOICES


It appears that this “summit” with all these “important people” are apparently trying to validate – the false belief – that all opiate prescribing leads to ADDICTION.

I wasn’t at this summit… but… nothing posted about it – that I read – mentioned any treatment of chronic pain.  There is no mention of anyone representing the DEA nor the CDC, but I get the gist that of the meeting was in line with the DEA’s and other entities misapplying of the CDC’s 2016 opiate dosing guidelines. Color we skeptical in how the results of this summit could benefit the chronic pain community


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  1. On their website they show a survey where they state that 85% of health care professionals believe there is a problem with addiction to opioids in this country and 96% support the use of non-opioid treatment for pain. Such is the result of the propaganda that opioids cause addiction. We aren’t going to fight this by chasing the rabbit. We have to end the propaganda that drugs cause addiction. No less, no more.

  2. Dr. Vanila Singh and Cindy Steinberg were there. Cindy is a pain patient and Dr Singh is a physician who is basically on our side.

  3. “Fox” news just reported that over 140,000 people, in America, died of the measles in 2018. Has this number of fatalities of an eradicated disease been declared a “crisis”? An epidemic? No! It is easier for dot/gov to lower a “problem” number 50,000 and above deaths of substance abuse and harm 20 or 30 MILLION PATIENTS, than address a REAL solution. WHAT is the solution? I am not sure but, I KNOW what the solution…is NOT. To harm MILLIONS of lives to the point of self destruction than to apply “expert” knowledge to lower the substance abuse numbers. My opinion.

  4. (puts head down on desk & covers it with arms…just can’t stand it)

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