Epidurals Are DANGEROUS! Here’s My True Story From Experience – Dr Mandell

This is my own personal experience regarding the Dangers of Epidural Injections.  Epidural Steroid Injections are Dangerous for Neck & Back Pain Relief

Here is a post from just YESTERDAY — WORSE CASE — of having a ESI !! Epidural Steroid Injections / R.I.P. Dearest Jimmy / FDA-AADPAC

There is a lot of $$ change hands giving pts ESI’s and if the pain clinic is not giving the pt oral opiates… then the pain clinic practitioner has little concern about the DEA’s oversight of their practice… since no controlled substances are used in ESI’s.

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  1. I ain’t even gonna watch this. I have nightmares enough already. Fortunately the whole idea sounded kooky to begin when measured against how well the opiates were working and I had a copy of Goodman and Gilman’s that I read, I told that Surgeon, serving proudly on Wisconsin’s Medical Board who doesn’t see heart failure and Diabetes as evidence cutting me off off of opiates was ‘bad’, “No”.

  2. They are dangerous. There are serious adverse events associated with these procedures. No doubt.
    Not limited to the procedure themselves, the drugs used have significant interactions with other drugs and diseases.
    Just say no.

  3. Criminal!

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