is this the destination for chronic pain pts… because of less opiates being prescribed ?

December 25th, 2019, will be my start date for the VSED program, since my family is coming here from Texas on the 24th to be by my side for my passing. I want to thank everyone for their support.

For those who aren’t too busy, I wish to invite everyone to a live FB feed celebration of my life, that I will be hosting with my family, on Christmas evening.

Wow. While this all couldn’t be happening fast enough, this is still all just way too soon in my book. But, it’s either now, with family & loved ones, or alone, and I’m not giving this disease that. I’ll be making my own final decisions, ones that CRPS won’t be allowed to decide for me.


This was a post on FB by a 52 y/o divorced male suffering with CRPS.  CRPS is commonly referred to as the “suicide disease”.. because of its unrelenting high intensity of pain.  Could this pt going down this path is a direct/indirect action of the CDC/DOJ/DEA and their self-serving war on drugs?
The VSED program is basically a personal decision to die by stopping all intake of hydration or food. This chronic pain pts is having to go down their path because the state in which he lives does not have a death with dignity law.

Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking (VSED)

To voluntarily stop eating and drinking means to refuse all food and liquids, including those taken through a feeding tube, with the understanding that doing so will hasten death. This is an option for people with terminal or life-limiting diseases who feel that with VSED their dying will not be prolonged. One of the advantages of this decision is that you may change your mind at any time and resume eating and drinking.

The US Supreme Court has affirmed the right of a competent individual to refuse medical therapies and this includes food and fluids. This choice is also commonly accepted in the medical community.

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  1. Does anyone know who this person is? Has anyone reached out to him to offer to advocate so he will not have to die? This is so awful I cannot put it into words.

  2. Very sad, last night I watched one of the hearing on veterans mental health. One of the “experts” glossed over the Fact that a vet in AZ committed suicide in a VA parking lot, after being denied treatment for chronic pain. Not even one person asked a follow up question about the treatment of chronic pain by the VA. They kept referring to “community solutions” as if there are actually resources. A few random charities and church groups are presented as a “solution.”

    If anyone wants to figure out what is really going on, look at the reporting on Amazon workers. The corporate media has not covered these factual stories, while this greedy corporation runs ads about what great employers they are. These industries and huge corporations need to create denial and doubt about chronic pain in order to increase profits. The military needs to make it appear that injured vets are not in pain, so they create doubt and denial.

    It is a Conspiracy, a real conspiracy based on corporate greed, misinformation and lies. The so called opioid epidemic has been incredibly profitable, and a really good and easy way to deny care to people without gold level insurance and peddle dangerous or useless treatments, that are lucrative.

    22 years is a long time for a propaganda campaign based on lies about pain, injured workers, and sick Americans without healthcare.. The healthcare industry only responded with lies, misinformation and pseudo science. They are still going strong with even less regulation, oversight and outright lies in the marketing and propaganda.

  3. This is wrong. When approved opiate analgesics should be the medical solution.

  4. This is simultaneously incredibly sad & monumentally enraging. How many people will choose to end their torture by ending their lives, when adequate pain relief could give them their life back? Everybody’s all hysterical about addicts –who CHOSE to abuse drugs for recreational purposes– but not one voice outside the chronic pain community for us. I didn’t used to believe in conspiracy theories, but….

    But if they’re just trying to get rid of ‘undesirables’ & ‘unproductives,’ why are addicts getting so much help? They’re not real productive either, as a rule. not too many heroin addicts out there as biz tycoons or doing the Albert Schweitzer thing.

    • Why do they hate opiates so much?

    • The “addicts” are not viewed as save worthy souls.
      They are viewed as profit centers – only due to current treatment monies available. Absent this pot of dollars, their status reverts downwards, almost to the level of medical patients with chronic pain conditions that benefit from medicinal opioids.

      The addicts are often regarded with greater sympathy than medical users of opioids. This is because their addiction is due to victimization of them by others. The addicted are deemed not responsible for their condition.

      This policy logic has lavished opioid medication treatment on addicts, without limit, while patients suffering in cronic pain sometimes kill themselves, for the simple want of relief – relief that is just another’s pleasure.

      Solutions are simple and proven, in many countries around the world.
      Something else is happening here. It’s evil – by design. There’s still time.

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