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Epidural Steroids Home Page


all patients who’s Interventional Pain Management Clinics and the doctors (doctors of a mixed bag called “proceduralists”) who are performing Epidural Steroid Injections to read this report in full, clicking on ALL HIGHLIGHTS IN RED, for a thorough understanding. It is imparaitive that every patient know just how dangerous these spinal epidurals are and it’s never okay for any doctor NOT to give patients full disclosure of the nuerotoxins that are being used in corticosteroids, including all serious neurological adverse events before signing any consent forms. It’s NEVER OK to not give FULL INFORMED consent and legally IGNORANCE is No Excuse.
I also advise any patient being forced by using extortion tactics to give this report directly to the Clinic Manager and seek out a lawyer as soon as possible. No lawyer or doctor can argue the facts in this report done on behalf of the many millions who have died suffering in severe intractable pain and the urgent need to eliminate this practice using nuerotoxic chemicals anywhere near the Human Spinal Cord.
NO JUDGE could argue on the side of any defendant who uses nuerotoxic chemicals in Spinal Epidural Procedures and walks away from the catastrophic harms in silence.
These procedures must be eliminated from all human medical care.











Anatomy of the Epidural Space

History of Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural Injections and Aseptic Hip Necrosis

Preservatives In Epidural Injections

Who Does Epidural Injections?

Epidural Steroid Summary

The Real Health Issue With Epidural Steroid Injections

Case Presentations

It is estimated that there is TEN MILLION ESI’s are given every year and abt 5% of pts will end up with adhesive arachnoiditis     and practitioner pushes the needle ONE MILLIMETER TOO FAR and injects the medication into the spinal column fluid…  This class of medication is discourage its use as ESI  by both the FDA and the company that makes the primary medication that is used.

Medications can be injected into the spinal fluid, but they must not only be STERILE & PYROGEN FREE which all injectable medications must be… but those safe to be injected into that spinal fluid but also be PRESERVATIVE FREE & A SOLUTION.

The class of meds that is typically used with ESI’s is a SUSPENSION and NOT PRESERVATIVE FREE.  If it is unintentionally injected into the spinal fluid… ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE… causing a disease/condition that is both EXTREMELY PAINFUL AND IRREVERSIBLE.

Even if the pt receives multiple ESI’s over extended period of  time, that are done correctly there is the potential of other adverse systemic side effects that can happen.

Why do practitioners – with all of this well known potentially adverse health problems – continue to force pts to get these procedures ? Could be that the medications used are not under the under the control of the DEA and the practitioner can charge for these procedures… typically they are able to charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR EACH PROCEDURES PROVIDED ON A SINGLE DAY.

Some practitioners goes so far as refusing to provide the pt with any oral opiates unless the pt submits to on going ESI’s.

There is a law firm in Northern KY that is suing a large pain clinic over such practices http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=28739        Doctor would not give individuals their pain medication … unless they capitulated in having an epidural

Not to mention the number of various professional services/procedures that are being discouraged by the FDA  and/or other Fed/state agencies ?

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