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  1. U know,,,,there are 167 countries in the U.N,,,,only 2 are f- with chronic pain medicines,Thee other European countries actual up their quotas of medicines there giving to their chronic pain folks,and all their o.d.’s are down!!!,,,The United States,and the Eastern Providences of Canada,,,,,the western providence of Canada are going w/the U.N doctrine on torutre,thus NOT,,I REPEAT NOT taking away our medicine,and actual prosecuting doctors who DON’T,I REPET DON’T give enough medicine to effectively lessen physical pain,,Only 2,,,out 167 countries,,,u guys can do the math,,,,,soo again America is 100%%% WRONG IN WHAT THERE DOING!!!!!SO WE KEEP UP THE FIGHT,,,,WE GOTTA,,,,IF WE QUIT,,,MORE WILL DIE IN AGONY,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. Winner!

  3. I know I sound like a broken record, but the answer is available. The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse video on DoctorsofCourage.

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