The Part D prgms are not going to tell you that you are paying too much – unless you ask !

If you don’t compare your med costs under Part D – YOU MAY BE VERY SORRY !

Few days ago I make the above post …

Since then I had 5 prescriptions filled for Barb and myself at the local independent pharmacy that we patronize… currently and for the last 13-14 yrs we have had Silver Scripts Part D .. .which is part of CVS Health and Caremark is the PBM… which is also part of CVS Health..  Those five (generic) prescriptions we were charged abt $130 total for all five…

I looked up the price under the website as to what the costs would be when we switch to a new Part D program as of Jan 1, 2020.

Most/many/all of the Part D prgms in 2020 will have a deductible… Those same five prescriptions under the new Part D prgm would be abt $80 during the deductible period and abt $30 after the deductible has been met.

I knew that we were paying more using our local independent pharmacy than going to a CVS pharmacy when we had the Silver Script insurance.. the closest CVS store was 8-12 miles away…while our independent is about ONE MILE AWAY and will deliver if we need it.

Sure we could use mail order to have meds delivered to our door, but have you ever looked at the label and storage requirements of any medication – including OTC’s ?  Most have a temperature storage requirement by USP, NF & FDA in the 60 F – 80F range.  The manufacturer, wholesaler and pharmacy are legally required to maintain these storage temperatures … BUT… when your prescriptions are handed off to a commercial delivery service… they have no obligation to maintain those temperature storage requirements.  When is the last time have you seen a air-conditioned USPS, Fed-X or UPS delivery truck ?

I am not disclosing which new Part D prgm we are going to because savings may very… in fact … I could have saved a few dollars by signing up for a different Part D prgm than Barb, but chose not to because I did not want to have to deal with two different programs.  The part D prgm that we signed up for indicated that I would not even have enough Rx cost to even meet the annual deductible.  No such luck with Barb’s necessary medications 🙁

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