CVS: many mistakes actually do happen and are covered up

Thought I would share the story in case you would like to post it anonymously. A pharmacist in Hebron Ct was supposed to dispense a prescription for liquid propranolol. The mom who is a family friend called me hysterical because the medication looked different. I told her to promptly return to CVS and demand to see the stock bottle and its contents color. It turns out it was the wrong medication she does not know the name of med that was given to her 3 year old daughter, but she was angry & frightened & burst into tears after realizing how serious a situation this was. She asked me what do people do if they don’t know if pharmacist personally to ask these questions. She is supposed to get a call from the DM. I told her to emphasize that Cvs needs to increase staffing levels pronto! I also told her to go public with this but she is afraid to do so as she is a business owner in town. When I told her how many mistakes actually do happen and are covered up she changed her mind and said after speaking to the DM she will decide whether not to go public with her issue!

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  1. CVS and Rx dispensing mistakes: Why am I not surprised! Why I will never have my monthly Rx meds dispensed by them, especially any CIV to CII Rx analgesia medication. CVS shift operations schedules one (1) Registered Pharmacist with a license in good standing, and many Pharmacy Technicians. Sometimes CVS Pharmacy Technicians dispense Rx meds for patients with a question requiring answer from the real Registered Pharmacist, yet fail to ask it from him/ her. Not a good model. This is unprofessional, let alone unhealthy.

    Most cities and towns have privately owned “brick and morter” pharmacy establishments which are not in a chain. A privately owned type of pharmacy is the only kind I trust.

  2. Errors are not rare

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