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  1. This is not about gender, this is about a really destructive idea, that has been amplified and is part of the ongoing lies and propaganda, we are exposed to daily. The myth of the “crazy” veteran, a construct that is used in TV shows, popular media, and by politicians like this . This shows how we dehumanize people who deserve better. These people put their lives on the line and served our nation, yet instead of understanding how they are effected by it all, they are dismissed as “crazy.”

    If we look across media, we see no lack of “honoring veterans” especially when they are dead. TV news stations run tear inducing storied of vets who die alone, and suddenly a few people show up at their funerals, to honor them. None of them cared while they were alive and struggling.

    We are living in a serious dystopia,when a politician can publicly say something like this, and no one will set them straight.

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