PRO OPIATE Prescriber: Billy Earley is a candidate for congress for a district in Long Beach , California

Billy Earley is a candidate for congress for a district in LongBeach, California.



Subject: Billy Earley is a candidate for congress for a district in Long Beach , California. 

Below is his statement to CMS today. He is on the right side of history. Let’s get to know him and support him financially Warriors. 

I’m in Southern California.  I will get to know him and possibly help with campaign.  We need to come up with the big bucks..

We have a few candidates to support. Great news. Yes!  



October 10, 2019

To whom it may concern (CMS):

Good morning. My name is Billy Earley and I am a Physician Assistant Healthcare Advocate and I have testified before Congress as a Congressional Briefing Panelists. I would like to submit three (3) important research studies that provides an abundance of clarity into the “pain” treatment and “substance” abuse disorders in the United States. The CMS ability to treat pain and substance use disorders is significantly limited based on many factors including special interest and political agendas. The Inspector General recently reported that the DEA allowed huge growth in pain killer supply as overdose deaths skyrockets.

The Epoch Times just released a research article: China is using Fentanly as “Chemical Warfare” Experts Say. China has played a significant role in the under-treatment of legitimate Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain illnesses. China accounts for 90% of the drugs flooding U.S. borders and they come in the form of opioid pills. However, multiple studies have proven that 90% of opioid deaths were not due to opioids but the U.S. CDC and other Government Agencies blame doctors for these overdose deaths.

The CMS should rely of actual facts and factual research to implement changes and policy. The Doctor-Patient relationship and the Medical Practice Act has been turned into a political circus and compassionate doctors who treat patients for pain or substance abuse are considered drug dealers and their patients are called drug addicts: A very evil and hideous narrative used by Government cronies and Special Interest controlled groups.

Resolution and Opinion:

1)    CMS has an uphill battle in treating pain or substance abuse since narrative is politically driven,

2)    CMS has not address the war against doctors and patients which is critical at this point,

3)    CMS  has not addressed hundreds and thousands of doctors jailed for treating patients with pain,

4)    CMS employees and leadership should learn about the origins of pain management and how doctors were informed that they were “Safe” and “Effective” form of treatment,

5)    CMS leadership should demand factual evidence and create policy and procedures to protect American doctors and patients from further harm and enforcement proceedings, and lastly

6)    CMS would benefit greatly by hiring or obtaining doctors who have been jailed or their businesses have been destroyed for treating pain patients. There are hundreds of Pain Management Experts who have been accused and attacked by Government officials and their lives ruined. CMS should hire at least 30% of these healthcare professionals to provide true substance reporting to CMS’s public and private platforms.

RFI Submission #1

Research Author: Doctor Art Van Zee

The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triupm, Public Health Tradedy.

American Journal of Public Health

Published February 2009

Article Link:


The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy – PubMed Central (PMC)

CONTROLLED DRUGS, WITH their potential for abuse and diversion, can pose public health risks that are different from—and more problematic than—those of uncontrolled drugs when they are overpromoted and highly prescribed. An in-depth analysis of the promotion and marketing of OxyContin (Purdue Pharma, Stamford, CT), a sustained-release oxycodone preparation, illustrates some of the key issues.

RFI Submission #2

Research Author: Doctor Michael E. Schatman

Pain management, prescription opioid mortality, and the CDC: is the devil in the data?

Journal of Pain Research

October 2017

Article Link:

EDITORIAL Pain management, prescription opioid mortality, and the CDC: is the devil in the data? – Home :: Washington State Department of Health

submit your manuscript | Journal of Pain Research 2017:10 Dovepress Dovepress 2490 Schatman and Ziegler had asserted that they would be open to revising the guideline, and one of their own consultants had notified them that the

Submission #3

Practical Pain Management

CDC Opioid Overdose Deaths Over-Reported by Half

April 5, 2018

Website Link:


CDC Opioid Overdose Death Rates Over-Reported by Half

A PPM Brief. Four researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1 have published an editorial that outlines how the agency’s tracking methods and tallies of prescription opioid deaths have been deemed overestimated and inaccurate. The agency announced that the introduction of illicit fentanyl and other synthetic black market opioids have been incorrectly counted as …

Thank you.

Billy Earley, PA Healthcare Advocate

National Adviser Black Doctors Matter

National Adviser American Pain Institute

Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation

Ambassador/Contributor Doctors of Courage

Congressional Briefing Panelists of DOJ Corruption

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