AL: State Board of Pharmacy: Armed robberies & burglaries happening more often

State Board of Pharmacy: Armed robberies & burglaries happening more often

The number of robberies and burglaries of pharmacies is increasing in Alabama, the State Board of Pharmacy says. eDrugSearch encourage everyone to share their own personal Canada pharmacy ratings and reviews so other consumers can easily read the online pharmacy reviews check here the online website and find valuable Canadian online pharmacy coupons so they make an informed decision before they purchase

In the last two days alone, there have been two armed robberies and four burglaries of Alabama pharmacies.

One of those armed robberies happened at a Walgreens in Pelham Wednesday night on Highway 261. Now Pelham police are asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect.

Pelham police say the suspect presented a note to the pharmacist with a list of the narcotics he wanted. He then showed him his gun. A few minutes later, he left the store with the drugs.

“I’m sorry to hear about that robbery,” said Neal Damron, who owns Neal’s Pharmacy off Highway 119 in Shelby County.

Damron can relate to the feelings of the pharmacist robbed.

He remembers it like it was yesterday. He says about 30 years ago, a man came into his pharmacy with a gun demanding pills.

“I just went from zero to 100 in far as anger,” Damron said. “We’ll never let that happen again.”

Damron shot and killed the man.

Emotions came back while talking about Wednesday’s armed robbery in Pelham.

“It makes me mad,” said Damron. “It really irritates me. Somebody’s going to get killed one of these days and I hope it’s not the pharmacist.”

The Alabama Pharmacy Board says the amount of burglaries and robberies is increasing.

“The access to drugs is getting harder so that’s why we’ve had these increases in burglaries and increase in robberies,” said Chief Investigator Edward Braden.

Braden has seen 30 robberies and 49 burglaries in the last year in Alabama.

“They’re being sold on the black market or out on the street or being used by addicts that rob or burglarize themselves,’ said Braden.

While Damron prefers to fight back, Braden encourages both pharmacists and shoppers to comply with the robber.

“Be cooperative, provide what they want so they leave and everyone’s safe,” he Braden said.

“We would advise anyone finding themselves in that situation to comply and give the robber whatever he/she is asking for,” said Pelham Police Detective Mike Bellanca. “Items can always be replaced.”

“Try to pay attention to any unique facial or body features, clothing items or vehicle descriptions, including tag numbers, as best you can, and write it down or note [it] on your phone as soon as it is safe to do so,” added Bellanca.

“The thing that we’ve even thought about if this continues to get worse is put in bullet proof glass around the pharmacy,” said Damron.

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  1. There is NO pain management in AL unless you want injections of all kinds! I’ve heard through the grapevine that pain patients, no choiseniors have only have a choice of Suboxone but severe pain patients know that buprenorphine doesn’t work for serious Chronic pain, they don’t give a BT pain med.
    So I’m thinking what if your loved one was suffering really badly, Think some would try to go rob a pharmacy to get them some relief? Or just let them blow their brains out.
    Or is it these robbers are just all addicts?

    All this anti opioid crap has created a larger Mess. All the blame goes to the gov and theyre police state agencies! Prohibition has NEVER worked. Even Trump knows this but still continues it. I’m sick and tired of this crap.

    • while I am sure that some of those robbing pharmacies are addicts… just keep in mind the street value of opiates is around $1/mg.. getting JUST ONE BOTTLE OF #100 Oxycodone 30 mg is worth abt $3,000.00 on the street.

  2. What the hell did they think was going to happen? I mean how stupid is the qualifications to work in govt? You deprive people there rights to medication, some nitwit is gonna know this is a goldmine,hold up a pharmacy and sell it to desperate people.. The depths of stupidity in our govt. is just beyond normal persons intelligence

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