The Democratic Debate 09/12/2019

It has been reported that abt 11%-12% of all households in the USA watch this debate..  lack of interest or just plain old apathy ?

Isn’t it amazing that 10 candidates can spend THREE HOURS talking about not much more than availability of health and our second amendment right to own a gun.

The only time that opiates were mention was by Sen Booker when he stated that people of color get longer prison terms than others when drug offenses are involved.

If the opiate crisis is such a HUGE ISSUE… these candidates can talk for THREE HOURS and  not mentioned once ?  Is that because they know that there is no such thing as a real opiate crisis or that they have no intention of changing the course of the DEA…. after all, many on that stage are ATTORNEYS… part of the same judicial system as the DEA … wouldn’t want to do anything that would compromise their “fraternal brothers and sisters” in our judicial system and cause many to become unemployed or put in “harm’s way” forced into doing their job and going after those distributing illegal opiates.

The candidates description of “Medicare for all” seems to be describing what is now MEDICAID…   no deductibles, no copays, no premiums

The 3.2 Trillion/yr cost seems pretty realistic… as a country we spend about $10,000 per person and there is some 320 million people in this country…. the dollar math is pretty simple.

Of course, currently the ENTIRE FEDERAL BUDGET is some 4+ trillion/yr and federal revenue is abt ONE TRILLION LESS than what Congress is currently spending.

They all promise that “middle America” will not be touched… all the extra money will come from the VERY< VERY RICH and BIG BUSINESS…  what they are not talking about is if BIG BUSINESS makes less profits… they will be able to pay less dividends to the people that own stock in these companies and the company’s stock price will probably drop… What they are not addressing is the vast majority of middle America’s 401K, Roths, mutual fund, annuities and other retirement vehicles are invested in the same stock market. So how is those considered middle America not going to be affected ?

Who in the chronic pain community believes that they will be entitled to any appropriate care for their chronic pain ?  Of course, this will take several years for Congress to put everything together and if the DEA continues to cut opiate production quotas 20%-30% per year going forward… there won’t be any opiates available to treat much of anyone.

Then BETO wants to start confiscate a particular type of gun/rifle … there are bullets available for handguns that will do a similar type of bodily damage as the bullets that he described… so where is the line going to be drawn in whittling away our gun rights provided under the second amendment ?


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